Visiting Scholar Khaled Helmy


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Current Courses

POLC 302 - Comparative Politics of the Middle East

A survey of the politics of the interaction of Middle Eastern states with their respective societies & with the regional & global orders. The course aims to shed light on the particularities of the politics of the Middle East as well as the general patterns of political phenomena the region shares with other countries of the developing & developed worlds.

POLC 401 - Islam & the West

An analysis of the complex relationship between Islam & the West which lies at the heart of the current global conflict. Through an examination of selected aspects of local politics in both Muslim & Western countries, the course explores the domestic roots of the various episodes of conflict & contention between Islam & the West which have dominated the post-9/11 global stage.

POLC 404 - The Muslim Question in Western Politics

The course examines the politics of the integration of Muslims in Western democracies (mainly Europe and US) relative to experiences of the integration of other ethnic and religious minorities in the West. Issues covered include the variety of state policies toward Muslims and Islam, political and societal tensions involving Western Muslims, the substance and symbolism of Western gender politics in relation to Muslims, the effect of terrorism and the War on Terrorism on Western Muslims, and the impact of transnational Islam (outside Western borders) on the politics of Islam in the West. Theoretically the course gauges conceptual frameworks and theories dealing with ethnicity and ethno-religious identities and with the issues of multiculturalism, immigration and globalization.

This course is a further exploration of the relationship between Islam and the West going beyond POLC 401 (Islam and the West) to focus on the particular theme of the politics of Muslims in the West and of the politics of Western states regarding Islam.

Research Interests

Themes: Religion & politics, comparative democratization, culture & political identities, political modernity, and globalization
Regions/Themes: The Middle East(general), Muslim countries (Islam & politics), US & Europe (Christianity & politics and the politics of Islam in the West).

Curriculum Vitae

Tulane University, Political Science Dept, 316 Norman Mayer Bldg, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5166