Tulane Sociology

Martha K. Huggins

Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professors of Human Relations (Ph.D. University of New Hampshire)

212 Newcomb Hall
Phone: (504)862-3012
Fax: (504)865-5544

Research Interests

Labor Control and Repression, State-Related Vigilantism, U.S. International Policing as Political Control in Latin America, Marginalization of Brazilian 'Others', Torture and Assassination.

Current Research Projects

Working within a qualitative research paradigm (Women Fielding Danger:  Negotiating Ethnographic Identities in Field Research (Roman and Littlefield, 2008), Huggins—a critical criminologist--has conducted research on labor control  and repression (From Slavery to Vagrancy in Brazil:  Crime and Social Control in the Third World, Rutgers, 1984);  Latin American death squads and other forms of State-related vigilantism (Vigilantism and the State in Modern Latin America (Praeger, 1991);  U.S. international policing as  political control in Latin America (Political Policing:  The U.S. and Latin America, Duke, 1997);  marginalization of Brazilian 'Others'—poor, Black street youth, gays and lesbians in Brazil (articles and political asylum reports); on police and para-police violence (various articles); and on torture and assassination in Brazil (Violence Workers:  Torturers and Murderers Reconstruct Brazilian atrocities, U. of Calif. Press).  Huggins research is informed by a critical criminology paradigm.

Selected Publications

Women Fielding Danger: Negotiating Ethnographic Identities in Field Research, Martha K. Huggins and Marie-Louise Glebbeek, Eds.,  2008.  Rowan and Littlefield, Publishers:  Boulder, CO. and Oxford, UK.

“Qualitative Research in Criminology: Negotiating Field Challenges”, International Handbook of  Criminology, Shlomo Giora Shoham, Paul Knepper, Martin Kett. Eds. Routledge.  Forthcoming, 2010.

“Modern Institutionalized Torture: Is It ‘Organized Crime’?” Raymond J. Michalowski and William Chambliss, Eds. In State Crime in the Global Age.  Willan Press, Forthcoming, January, 2010.

"Systemic Police Violence in Brazil." In Police Use of Force: A Global      Perspective.  J.B. Kuhns and J. Knutsson, Eds.  Santa Barbara, CA.: Praeger Security International.  Forthcoming, Fall. 2009.

Courses Taught

Social Theory (SOCI 322)
Gangs, Gangsters, Organized Crime (SOCI 615)
Brazilian Society:  Beyond Beaches and Bikinis   Marginalization and the 'Other'
Political Policing
Violence Workers
Ethnographies of Crime
Criminology Juvenile Delinquency: Sociology Meets Hollywood
Foundations of Sociology


Tulane University, Department of Sociology, 220 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5820