Tulane Sociology

David G. Ortiz   (Vitae)

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Notre Dame)

220B Newcomb Hall
Phone: (504)862-3019
Fax: (504)865-5544

Research Interests

Social Movements, Civic Engagement, State Repression,Time-Diffusion of Social Processes, Political Sociology, Internet Communication Tecnologies  (ICTs) and Digital Media, Latin America, Peace and Conflict Studies, Research Methodology.

Current Research Projects

“Explorations of Time, Regime, and Repression Effects on Contention Dynamics.” 


“Violence Begets More Violence? The Role of Different Types of Repression in State - Dissident Exchanges.”


"Explorations of the Influence of International NGO's on Collective Action in Latin American Countries” 

"The Role of Internet Ccommunication Technologies on Community Formation, Civic Engagement and Protest"


“Art of Resistance: The Relationship between Artistic Expressions and Social Resistance to Political Violence in Latin America.”


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ortiz, David G. Forthcoming. "State Repression and Mobilization in Latin America." Handbook of Social Movements across Latin America, edited by Paul Almeida and Allen Cordero. New York:Springer.

Ortiz, David G., and Stephen F. Ostertag. 2014. "Katrina Bloggers and the Development of Collective Civic Action: The Web as a Virtual Mobilizing Structure" Sociological Perspectives 57(1):52-78.

Ortiz, David G., and Sergio Bejar. 2013. "Participation in IMF-sponsored Economic Programs and Collective Action in Latin AMerica, 1980-2007." Conflict Management and Peace Science 30(5):492-515.

Ortiz, David G. 2013. "Rocks, Bottles, and Weak Autocracies: The Role of Political Regime Settings on Contention-Repression Interactions." Mobilization 18(3): 289-312.

Ortiz, David G., 2007. "Confronting Oppression with Violence: Inequality, Military Infrastructure and Dissident Repression" Mobilization 12(3): 219-238.

Ortiz, David G., Daniel J. Myers, N. Eugene Walls, and Maria-Elena D. Diaz. 2005. "Where Do We Stand with Newspaper Data?" Mobilization 10(3): 397-419.


Courses Taught

Social Problems (SOCI 1090)
Social Problems through Film (SOCI 1090)
Politics and Power in America (SOCI )
Social Movements in Latin America (SOCI 6930)
Political Sociology of Latin America (SOCI 6940)
Political Sociology Capstone (SOCI 6940)
Maintaining Culture Through Food: The Latin American Immigrant Experience in New Orleans (TIDE 1260)
Dr. David G. Ortiz 

Tulane University, Department of Sociology, 220 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5820