Tulane Sociology

Undergraduate Program

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Mission Statement

The educational mission of the undergraduate program in Sociology relies on our commitment to the principles of a liberal education and intellectual pluralism in our teaching and scholarship. Our central educational mission is to help students develop a sociological perspective and use a variety of sociological theories, concepts, and methods in the systematic study of human societies.  Our curriculum promotes the acquisition of concrete, transferable skills that are relevant to civic engagement and a broad range of rewarding careers. 

These skills enhance a student’s capacity to:
• understand new and unfamiliar social situations;
• apply sociological concepts to everyday life;
• think critically about the nature of social order and human agency within any given society, social institution, organization, or social group;
• use qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze a wide range of social phenomena; and
• communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, about social issues and sociological research.

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