Conectados: Study Guide

Conectados uses a "flipped model" for language instruction, which requires students to prepare materials online and then use class time to practice and apply what they have learned.

The following is a guide for preparing for successful study in this course, but each student is encouraged to develop a preparation method that suits his or her learning style and needs.

The program consists of a textbook and an on-line program, both of which should be consulted regularly. For the on-line portion of the program, the student is directed to for more information.

Each chapter of the book follows a predictable format, an understanding of which will aid the student in effective use of study time.

In addition to a chapter opener and nuestro mundo section, each chapter is divided into three pasos which are used to present the core information of the chapter in manageable chunks. each chapter closes with a nuestra comunidad and sintesis section that tie together the pasos.

The material for each chunk of information is framed as introduction (Ready?), explanation (Learn it!), individual practice (Practice it!), in class practice and application (Use it!) and follow up work (Got it?). This approach allows students to personalize the learning process within a guided and supportive environment. This approach also means that students must take responsibility for their own learning process: you will get out of this program what you put into it!

The program is framed around the three modes of communication: interpretive (reading and listening skills), interpersonal (exchange between individuals--orally and in writing) and presentational (formal speaking and writing) and students will be assessed within this framework.


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