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Tulane University
Spanish & Portuguese Dept.
302 Newcomb Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118

phone: (504) 865-5518
fax: (504) 862-8752

All students who choose to major or minor in Spanish will be assigned an adviser based on last name.
To declare a major or minor, please make an appointment with your departmental adviser for Fall 2017.  Allow about 15 minutes for the meeting, and bring with you the completed Major and Minor Declaration form, the Major and Minor information form and a list of the courses (including semester and year) you have already taken in the department (if you have taken any). 

You will likely have questions about courses and requirements as the semester progresses, so please check the degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog . Any further questions may be directed to your major or minor adviser according to your last name. Should you have further questions, address them to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Tatjana Pavlovic.

Students returning from a semester or year abroad should contact their major –minor advisors in order to get Tulane equivalences for the classes taken abroad.

Please refer to the Study Abroad Guidelines for general questions about selecting courses and transferring credits. 

Honors students who want to write an Honors Thesis in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, please refer to the Honors Thesis Guidelines

If you have inquiries about first and second year courses please contact the Language Program Director Roxanne Davila.

We are now offering a new Joint Major in Spanish and Portuguese. Please see below for more details.

All students who wish to take courses in Spanish must follow the sequence of classes, whether majors, minors, or not. Please choose the link below to read about an area of interest:







The major in Spanish consists of 34 credits (11 courses + writing intensive) to be distributed in the following manner:

3000 level (three courses, 9 credits)

  1. One of the following three courses:
       SPAN 3040      Spanish Grammar and Writing
       SPAN 3050      Spanish Grammar and Writing for  Business
       SPAN 3060      Spanish Grammar and Writing for the Medical Profession

       (prerequisite: SPAN 2040 or placement in SPAN 3040, SPAN 3050 or SPAN 3060)

  2. One of the following three courses:

      SPAN 3130       Introduction to Latin American Culture

      SPAN 3240       Introduction to Spanish Culture

      SPAN 3350       Introductory Topics in Hispanic Cultures
      (prerequisite: SPAN 3040 or SPAN 3050 or SPAN 3060)

  3. One of the following two courses:

      SPAN 3270       Spanish and Latin American Literature & Cultures

      SPAN 3280       Spanish and Latin American Literature & Film
      (prerequisite: SPAN 3130 or SPAN 3240 or SPAN 3350)

4000 level (five courses, 15 credits)

  4.  SPAN 4060       Pre-20th Century Readings in Spanish
       (prerequisite: SPAN 3040 or SPAN 3050 or SPAN 3060 and SPAN 3130 or SPAN 3240 or SPAN 3350 and SPAN 3270 or SPAN 3280 or language placement in
                           SPAN 4000 level or placement Spanish native speaker)

       SPAN 4060 is a prerequisite for all other courses at the 4000 level and above.
       This course may be taken concurrently with other 4000 level courses.

  5-8. Choose any four courses at the 4000-level.
         Each student is required to take ONE pre-twentieth-century course at the 4000-level (besides SPAN 4060)

*** NOTE: EITHER SPAN 4060 or ONE pre-twentieth-century course at the 4000-level has to be taken on campus in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

6000 level (three courses + writing intensive, 10 credits)

  9-10. Any two 6000 level courses.

  11. SPAN 6850 Senior Seminar (Capstone) (count as writing intensive course)

Sequence of Courses:

All courses in the major must be taken in sequence, although two sequential classes may be taken simultaneously (except 3040 or 3050 or 3060 which are prerequisites for other courses at 3000  level). 
Students may not receive credit for courses taken out of sequence.  

Senior Seminarmust be taken in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in either semester of their senior year.
The department usually offers one section of senior seminar in the fall and two sections in the spring.
This course is designated as "writing intensive."

Pre-20th century requirement:

Each student is required to take ONE pre-twentieth-century course at 4000-level (besides 4060)

The following courses satisfy the pre-twentieth-century requirement:

  4000 level:  SPAN 4140, SPAN 4230, SPAN 4280, SPAN 4420, SPAN 4430
                      (SPAN 4060 does not satisfy this requirement)

Other courses may also apply with departmental approval.

Double Majors:

Double majors must complete 31 credits (ten courses + writing intensive) in the Spanish major, with a reduction of one 6000 level course.  Majors may receive credit for one course taught in English.

Honors students:

Honors students who write an honors thesis in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese can have their thesis count as one 6000 level course.


Native speakers of Spanish begin the major with SPAN 4060.  Additionally, they complete any seven courses at the 4000 level, as well as the three requirements at the 6000 level. 
Native speakers complete the minor with SPAN 4060, plus five additional 4000 level courses. 
Native speakers may not enroll in courses at the 3000 level. 
Heritage speakers of Spanish must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to determine their placement in the program.


The Spanish minor consists of 18 credits (6 classes), which are constituted by numbers 1-3 above, plus any other three 4000 level courses.  Minors are encouraged, but not required, to take SPAN 4060.  Minors may not receive credit for courses taught in English.

Pre-20th century requirement: 

Each student is required to take EITHER SPAN 4060 OR ONE pre-twentieth-century course at the 4000-level, to be taken on campus in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.



All majors and minors in Spanish are strongly encouraged to participate in Tulane’s language-intensive Study Abroad Programs.  Prior to their participation, majors and minors must complete at least SPAN 3040, SPAN 3050, or SPAN 3060 although the ideal study abroad candidate will have fulfilled all three courses at the 3000 level.
For more information on study abroad programs, visit


Students majoring in Portuguese must complete ten courses (30 credits) beyond the 2000 level. All majors must take at least three 6000 level courses except for Junior Year Abroad students, who are required to take two 6000 level courses in the department.  The Portuguese Major is classified as a coordinate major, meaning that it must be paired with a separate primary major (for example, Latin American Studies, Public Health, etc) and cannot be taken as a student's sole major. Students complete their writing intensive requirement, service learning requirement, and capstone course through the primary major.



A minor in Portuguese consists of 15 credits above the 2000 level, at least one of which must be at the 6000 level.


Students pursuing the joint major in Spanish and Portuguese must complete 34 credits (eleven courses + writing intensive) to be distributed as follows:
  - at the 3000 level, two courses in Spanish and two in Portuguese
  - at the 4000 level, two courses in Spanish, including SPAN 4060, and two in Portuguese
  - and at the 6000 level, SPAN 6850 (writing intensive) and two other courses in the department, at least one of which must be a 6000-level class in Portuguese.   



Contact us:                                                               

Department of Spanish and Portuguese          
302 Newcomb Hall                                                 
New Orleans, LA 70118                                         
phone: (504) 865-5518                                          
fax: (504) 862-8752                              FACULTY:  
                                                             Rebecca Atencio, Luso-Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies
                                                             Idelber Avelar, Latin American Literature and Critical Theory
                                                             John Charles, Colonial Latin American Literature
                                                             Jean Dangler, Medieval Iberian Studies
                                                             Kathleen Davis, 19th Century Spanish Literature
                                                             Christopher Dunn, Brazilian Culture and Literature
                                                             Antonio Gómez, Latin American Literature and Film
                                                             Yuri Herrera-Gutiérrez, Contemporary Mexican Literary and Cultural Studies
                                                             Harry Howard, Theoretical Linguistics
                                                             Marilyn Miller, Caribbean Studies

                                                              Agustina Monastério-Baldor                                                  
                                                             Tatjana Pavlovic, Post-Franco Spanish Novel and Film
                                                             Fernando Rivera-Díaz, Andean Literature
                                                             Maureen Shea, Latin American Women's Literature
                                                             Dale Shuger, Early Modern Spanish Literature


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Tulane University, Spanish & Portuguese Dept., 304 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5518