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Tulane University
Spanish & Portuguese Dept.
302 Newcomb Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118

phone: (504) 865-5518
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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is dedicated to the study of languages, literatures, and cultures of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. By some estimates, Spanish is, after Mandarin Chinese and English, the third most widely spoken language in the world today. It is the first language of most of the 37 million U.S. Latinos. Less recognized is the global importance of the Portuguese language, estimated to be the seventh most widely spoken language (ahead of both French and German) with millions of speakers in Brazil, Africa, and Portugal. We strongly recommend that students take Portuguese classes, which typically provide more intimate and individualized language-learning experiences. Learning Portuguese will also provide students with a competitive edge as they pursue careers that demand communication skills in foreign languages. Students are now able to pursue a Joint Major in Spanish and Portuguese.

Our faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally as leading scholars in a diverse range of theoretical, geographic, genre, and period specializations. We take pride in maintaining active research agendas while also offering high quality, personalized teaching at all levels of instruction. In addition, the department has access to the Language Learning Center for technology-assisted learning and a video library with vast holdings of films in Spanish and Portuguese.

The mission of Tulane's Spanish and Portuguese programs are also related to the history and culture of New Orleans, a city with Spanish colonial heritage and presently home to several thousand Latin American immigrants. Since Hurricane Katrina there has been a significant influx of Latin Americans, most notably from Brazil and Mexico, who have further enhanced the city's multicultural character. Tulane's campus is host to hundreds of students from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in liberal arts and sciences and professional schools. The Junior Year Abroad program in Spain and other semester or summer abroad programs in Latin America offer rich opportunities for students to greatly improve their language skills while experiencing the cultures of these areas. Tulane is also home to the internationally renowned Stone Center for Latin American Studies, which brings together scholars of many fields and operates vibrant interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs. The Howard-Tilton Library of Tulane houses one of the largest collections of Latin American source materials in the United States. In short, Tulane University is unusually well situated and equipped to foster and support the study of Spanish and Portuguese.

Graduates of our program are prepared for careers in a diverse range of professions that depend on a solid background in liberal arts and the added advantage of bi- or tri-lingualism. Many of our students combine a major or minor in Spanish or Portuguese with a degree in other disciplines or professional programs such as business, law, public health, engineering, social work, and education. They are able to exercise their expertise in two or even three languages, which is certainly a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized economy. The majors of our department pursue careers in a wide range of professions. Majors from recent years are now working toward advanced degrees in law and medical schools, while others are beginning careers in education, government, and business.

Please read our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and if you have further questions about the program, please contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Revised: August 2014

Tulane University, Spanish & Portuguese Dept., 304 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5518