Vision & Goals

Project Goals

  • Understanding and developing strategies for highest and best use of campuses, properties and existing facilities.
  • Identifying opportunities for improving student, faculty and staff recruitment, retention, and sense of community.
  • Creating campus identity by weaving together the individual campus fabrics into a holistic, distinct Tulane character.
  • Acknowledging and engaging the surrounding neighborhoods and community context.
  • Improving the campus experience in multiple facets including but not limited to landscape, circulation, and existing facilities

Project Vision

Tulane University has always been informed by its context, its place, and its people. At home in the vibrant and diverse city of New Orleans, Louisiana, Tulane is deeply engaged in the life of the community. As the university looks to the future, it seeks to further its innovative and collaborative efforts to empower people and communities to better our world. These efforts define the Tulane experience and solidify the widely spread motto, Only in New Orleans, Only at Tulane.

Tulane aspires to be a distinctive institution where interdisciplinary partnerships are fostered to form the next wave of innovations in academia, research, and technology. The master plan will need to promote an environment across campuses to facilitate this institutional vision, with a focus on sustainability and the efficient utilization of resources.