Community Relations - Tulane and Community Contacts

For concerns on Tulane's campus

  • Tulane University Police Department: 865-5381 
  • Emergencies: 865-5200

For crime, noise and parking concerns in the area surrounding Tulane

  • New Orleans Police Department / Second District station: 658-6020 
  • Second District "Quality of Life" officers: 658-6029
    The duties of the Second District Quality of Life Office include contacting owners of abandoned property, identifying and contacting removal of abandoned vehicles, preventing illegal dumping of trash and handling noise complaints.

City of New Orleans Contacts

  • City of New Orleans Website
  • Dial 311
    New Orleans residents, businesses or tourists wishing to get non-emergency information or request services pertaining to NOLA government may call. If calling from within Orleans Parish, you can simply dial 311 or (504) 658-2299.
  • Sanitation Department: 658-3800
  • Garbage Collection: 254-5353
  • Public Works: 658-8000     
  • Broken streetlights or other repairs: 658-2299     
  • Abandoned vehicles: 656-7451     
  • Illegally parked vehicles: 658-8100
  • Fire Prevention Office: 658-4770
  • Housing Inspection/Code Enforcement: 658-4324
  • Safety and Permits: 658-7200
  • Environmental Health Enforcement: 658-2596

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