Community Affairs - Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe

The Tulane University Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that provides police services to the Uptown Campus, the Downtown Medical Center Campus and the National Primate Research Center located in Covington.  Most universities typically patrol their campus areas. However, Tulane has taken the unprecedented step of expanding its police jurisdiction to a one mile perimeter around campus. TUPD patrols this area jointly with 30 officers from the New Orleans Police Department.  

  • Report crime.
    It improves you chances of recovering the stolen property and it helps police when deploying patrols and warning other people. 
  • Report suspicious behavior or circumstances.
    This is the job responsibility of the police but they need your eyes and ears in helping to detect a possible crime in progress.  

For more information on keeping the neighborhood safe, visit the Tulane University Police Department website.