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Community Service Award

Each year since 2006, the week after Thanksgiving a group of Newcomb College graduates from some 40 years ago travels to New Orleans to swing hammers and pound nails. Their efforts help build safe, affordable Habitat for Humanity houses that eventually will be sold to local families.  The friends, who met as Sigma Delta Tau sorority sisters, make the trip from their homes in California, Illinois, New York, Washington and other states, all in an effort to help those in need and connect with lifelong friends. Said Linda Lewis-Moors (NC ’69) “It’s heartwarming to see that the city is in some ways even better than it was when we were here originally. People like to see us, and we like to see them. Interacting with people who live here is a wonderful experience for us.”

The Community Service Award today honors all those who have participated over the years, including: 

Amy Abram Goldberger
Carol Nathan McKegney '71
Carolyn Brown Cox '71
Carolyn Macow Leatherwood '69
Cheryl Josephs Zaccaro '69
Deborah Brown Britt '69
Janis Dropkin Smythe '69
Margaret Jean Kemp Ginsberg '69
Judith E. Fagin '71
Linda Lewis-Moors '69

Marilyn Zwick Storch '69
Pamela Richmond Carnot '70
Rachelle Galanti Parker '69
Ruth E. Sang '67
Sandra Michael Willen '69
Sharon Graber Purcel '69
Sharon L. Flashman '71
Sondra Daum Berman '71
Susan Lebow '69
Sydney Camp Fleischer '69

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