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At the heart of the Newcomb College Alumnae Association's network is a core of dedicated volunteers.  Alumnae volunteers support the mission of the Association to connect alumnae and to be active members of the Newcomb and Tulane communities.

Your involvement can take many forms:  hosting a book club, networking reception, or other event in your home city; sponsoring an internship; leading and inspiring your class at Reunion; or to give to the Annual Fund; serving on the Alumnae Board; and more.  The opportunities are endless.  Explore and see what suits you best. 

Newcomb Networking & Internship Sponsors

If you would like to serve as a resource to help undergraduate women with career/networking advice, internships, or possible job opportunities, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office or complete the Volunteer Form.

Class Volunteers

Your class agents are always looking for assistance in bringing classmates together.  Interested in organizing Homecoming/Reunion activities or planning a mini-reunion?  Contact the Alumnae Relations Office and we'll put you in touch with your class agent. Want to serve as a class agent? Be sure to express your interest to the staff and to your current class agents.

Regional Volunteers

The NAA is committed to offering interesting and valuable events which offer the opportunity to reconnect with other Newcomb and Tulane alums, the Newcomb College Institute and Tulane.  Book Clubs, Town Moms, Newcomb Networking and faculty speakers are among the programs sponsored by the NAA. Many Newcomb women are actively involved with the regional activities of the Tulane Alumni Association, serving as club presidents or on the TAA board. If you want to volunteer as a host or presenter at a Newcomb regional event, contact the Alumnae Relations Office.


If you are interested in talking about your career or on a topic of your expertise during Homecoming or at another NAA/NCI affiliated event, contact the Alumnae Relations Office

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Form.

Resources for Volunteers:

Thank you for your interest.  You are the key to our Alumnae Association's success.


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