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What are the requirements for being a Collat Media Intern?

    •    Must be a current full-time Tulane student.
    •    Be able to work on your project for 10-15 hours per week. Hours are very flexible and can include evenings and weekends.

How can I become a Collat Media Intern?

There are three ways to become a Collat Media Intern.

1. Apply to work with existing projects that are seeking interns. These can usually be found by visiting the Collat Media Internship homepage near the beginning of each semester.  If any projects are seeking interns, they will be listed here.

2. Submit a project proposal. If you have an idea for an independent project that would be a great fit for the program, you can submit a project proposal. If your project is accepted, you will have the opportunity to work on the project as part of the Collat Media Internship Program.

3. Work with a Newcomb Fellow.  Some Newcomb Fellows have projects that you may already be working with them on. If the project follows the mission of the Collat Media Internship program, suggest that faculty member participate in the Collat Media Internship Program. If their project is accepted, the Newcomb Fellow can choose to work with you as a Collat Media Intern.

Do I need to be super technical to be a Collat Media Intern?

No. All that is required is a willingness to learn new skills. All Collat Media Internship projects incorporate technology in one way or another, but a variety of skills and levels of expertise are represented.

Where can I find Collat Media projects to apply to?

Visit the Collat Media Internship homepage near the beginning of each semester to see if any projects are currently seeking interns. Announcements will also be sent out in the Newcomb News when they become available during the school year.

Can I apply to work on my own project that relates to the mission of the Collat Media Internship Program?

Yes. Please visit the Student Application page for more information on how to apply.

Can I work with another student on a project?

Yes. Teams of two can submit a joint proposal for a Collat Media project. However, in this scenario, the two students split the 250 hours.

I have an independent project that I think would be a good fit for the Collat Media Internship Program, but do not know any Newcomb Fellows who I can ask to be a faculty mentor. Is there anything I can do?

There are over 200 current Newcomb Fellows. Check to see if there are any current Newcomb Fellows who might be interested in your project and contact them with your project idea.  If you have another faculty member in mind who is not on the list, you can ask them to become a Newcomb Fellow. Finally, if you still have no one in mind, feel free to contact Jaelle Scheuerman ( for suggestions on faculty who may be interested in your project.

What are the responsibilities of a Collat Media Intern?

    •    Work with your project mentor to complete your internship project.
    •    Maintain regular weekly lab hours at the Collat Media Lab.
    •    Provide assistance to other students in the Collat Media Lab, relating to your individual skill set.
    •    Participate in Collat Media Lab events, including training workshops, outreach activities and presenting final projects.

How many hours per week am I expected to work as a Collat Media Intern?

Most projects require between 10-15 hours per week.

Why do I have to work at the Collat Media Lab, even if my project mentor is in another location?

In addition to your primary project, you will keep regular weekly lab hours that you spend at the Collat Media Lab.  You use these hours to work on your project, but also to keep the lab open so that more students can make use of the space.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes. Collat Media Interns are paid a competitive hourly wage.

Can I receive credit for completing this internship?

Some departments may provide credit for completing the internship. If you are interested, please ask your advisor if this option is available to you.


Is the Collat Media Internship Program a grant?

It is not a grant. However, we do fund 1-2 students to work with you on a project for up to 250 hours.

I have a project in mind and am already working with 1-2 students. Can they work with me as a Collat Media Intern if my project is accepted into the program?

Yes. As long as they are a current full-time Tulane students, with the availability to work between 10-15 hours at the Collat Media Lab (5-10 hours if they are a team of two). If you have a student in mind, please include his or her name and email with your project application.

What kinds of projects make a good Collat Media Internship project?

All of the Collat Media Projects include a digital media component.  Preference is also given to projects that include a gender component and/or relate to public service. For examples, take a look at past projects.

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