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Digital Badges and Online Publishing Strategies
Project mentor: Dr. Vicki Mayer, Intern: Olivia Mahler-Haug

Over the 2013-14 school year, the University is exploring ways to rework its core curriculum, which has been in place for the past 25 years. The principles of the redesign should help students create a cohort experience in developing necessary skills and aptitudes, while also being efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective for faculty and staff.

The Collat intern will investigate different options for using new media in achieving these goals, beginning with, but not limited to the writing requirement. Research conducted will also investigate how integrating technology into the curriculum as a whole may affect the use of technology by women. Integrating more technology into the core of Tulane academics could possibly give women the exposure to and confidence in technology to pursue it professionally.

The Collat media intern will be responsible for:

  • research, which will include examining schools that have integrated technology into their core academics.
  • comparing female participation in technological fields before and after integration initiatives.
  • communicating findings from the research to the committee, as well as the appropriate personnel in the Newcomb-Tulane Dean’s Office, via a Word Press site to be developed. The WordPress site will be developed during the intern’s hours of working in the Collat media lab.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr. Vicki Mayer at

Down by the River: Exploring Environmental & African American History Along Louisiana's River Road
Project mentor: Dr. Laura Murphy, Intern: Cody Wild

Down By the River seeks to provide a platform through which the public—students, scholars, residents, and visitors—can engage with the complex and multi-layered past of the Lower Mississippi region. DBTR is bringing together the documentary fragments scattered about in local archives and building upon them with new stories to more deeply explore the contours of River Road environmental and African-American history. Key stories explored include those of women – like Margie Richard, Iris Carter, Anne Rolfes, Gaynell Johnson – who have led the fight for environmental justice in the chemical corridor. Down By the River is a public history – environmental, African-American and social history – project that is a collaboration between Tulane, Xavier, the Louisiana Museum of African American History, and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB).

The Collat Media intern will be responsible for:

  • developing the website and mobile (smartphone) application and will have a chance to contribute ideas and to participate in team meetings as much as her schedule allows, and developing the mobile technologies in collaboration with the team.
  • spending the majority (at least 2/3) of her time  on the web-design work and content management, which could be completed in the Collat Media Lab.
  •  continuing to build out the Down By the River components and mobile application, as well as for managing the technical and content components.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr. Laura Murphy at

FCAT Website Development
Project mentor: Dr. Jordan Karubian

The media intern will work with the FCAT(Fundacion para la Conservacion de los Andes Tropicales), an NGO in Ecuador, to develop a website that will raise visibility of the organization.  FCAT combines scientific research with community-oriented conservation related activities, including capacity building, environmental education and sustainable development.

The Collat media Intern will be responsible for:
  • developing a website to help promote the FCAT which will include information about the organization, its projects, and a blog that will be authored by students who have participated in the project.

Desired skills and interests: Web design, graphic design, fluency in Spanish, and being motivated and responsible.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr. Jordan Karubian at

To apply for this internship, follow the application instructions.

History of Reproductive Health Politics in New Orleans
Project mentor: Karissa Haugeberg, Interns: Kirsten Lacist and Natalie Rutsch

This web site would serve as a resource portal for students, scholars, and independent researchers who are interested in the history of reproductive health politics in New Orleans. It will include information about local archival collections, scholarly monographs, and web resources that pertain to the history of gynecological care, birth control, and abortion.

It will also serve as a forum for a course on the history of reproductive health that I will offer in Spring 2014.

The Collat Media Intern will be responsible for:

  • creating a website which will allow students to upload research materials, post informal diary entries that detail the process of conducting research, and submit final drafts of their research essays. The web site will also be an important resource for communicating to the public the end-of-the-semester symposium, in which students will deliver brief presentations about their research on the history of reproductive politics in New Orleans. Flyers for this event will direct the public’s attention to the site, which will showcase full-length versions of the students’ essays, primary sources from archival collections and interviews, and bibliographic guides.

For more information about this project, please contact Karissa Haugeberg at

LandOfOpportunity Website
Project mentor: Joel Dinerstein and Luisa Dantas, Intern: Cody Wild

The LandofOpportunity interactive video site asks a fundamental question: how can we (re)build our cities in an equitable way?  Users will explore this question by navigating multi-layered  collaborative stories that share knowledge, encourage dialogue, and inspire action around urban equity. Our unique archive of New-Orleans-based footage is strategically combined with multimedia content (video, audio, stills, data and text) created and curated by partners in sister cities.  For example, a mediamaker in New York will view a short video about the contentious demolition of public housing in post-Katrina New Orleans and insert video testimonials they captured highlighting the ongoing struggle of public housing residents in Red Hook to recover post-Sandy. Housing advocates will then strategically insert a call to action demanding resources for affected residents. An educator in Chicago teaching a course on housing policy will assign the same video to his/her students, and task them with adding a layer of relevant research providing historical context for subsidized housing redevelopment. The resulting multimedia “palimpsest” gains depth and contextualized meaning, allowing users to connect the dots between the people and processes that are shaping the past, present, and future of our urban landscape.

Throughout the Fall of 2013 into 2014, we’re partnering with educators, advocates and mediamakers locally and in “sister” cities to create and disseminate content for the site. Regionally, we are working with partners like Tulane’s New Orleans Center for the Gulf South and Bridge the Gulf, to highlight communities in and around the Gulf South who are recovering from both Katrina and the BP disaster. On a national scale, the project seeks to redefine what it means to (re)build after “disaster”. The site will begin to rollout interactive content on the anniversary of Katrina.

For more information about this project, please contact Luisa Dantas at

Sounding Translation
Project mentor: Teresa Villa-Ignacio

Sounding Translation is a podcast series that publicly archives translators’ reflections on the experience of translating contemporary poetry. It is a digitized oral history project that complements my book manuscript-in-progress: Poethical Import: Translationships in Contemporary French-American Poetic Exchange. Although the book is focused on French and American poetic exchanges, the podcast is not limited in language scope, and will involve interviews with translators working in other languages including, but not limited to, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic. While several excellent poetry podcasts are being broadcast today, very few are dedicated to the translation of poetry. This project aims to fill that void, and to raise awareness about the role of translators in the dissemination of literature and the importance of translation as a literary endeavor.

The Collat media intern will be responsible for:

  • working with Sounding Translation to edit raw interview material into a podcast series.
  •  developing a user-friendly website to host the podcast.

Desired skills and interests: Interest in literature, translation, international relations, gender equality in the arts, the role of women as translators, the relationship between writers’ practices of translation and their own writing, oral history projects, and/or the intersections of literature, art, and new media. Knowledge of another language or languages is helpful, but not necessary.

For more information about this project, please contact Teresa Villa-Ignacio at

To apply for this internship, follow the application instructions.

Women in Technology at Tulane University Website

Project mentor: Dr. Carol Whalen, Contact: Olivia Mahler-Haug

Women in Technology (WIT) seeks to be a dynamic resource for the campus community, acting as a nexus of learning, teaching, collaboration, and support for all undergraduate students seeking a deeper comprehension of or proficiency in applications of digital technology.

The Collat media Intern will be responsible for:

  • developing an online presence for the Women in Technology student group by creating a website which will include technical educational resources, a blog, and information about Tulane classes with a focus on technology skills and updates about workshops and events.

This internship is open to Tulane students who are also members of the Women in Technology student group. For more information about the project, please contact Olivia Mahler-Haug at

To apply for this internship, follow the application instructions.

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