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<h2 class="nci-h2-featured"> Unpublished Dissertations, Theses, Papers, and Reports

Below is a list of dissertations, theses, papers, and reports from various institutions that either utilized the resources of Newcomb Archives and the Nadine Vorhoff Library and the Newcomb College Center for Reseach on Women or are about the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College. Abstracts, where available, are linked to the titles.


Accettola, Jennifer Rae. La Flor De Un Sexenio: Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics. Latin American Studies. MA, Tulane University, July 1995. Director of Thesis: Paul Lewis; Readers: J. Timmons Roberts and Roderic A. Camp.

Anderson, Melanie Lynn. Going Home to Pieces. Women's Studies. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 2001. Director of Thesis: Lisa Jo Epstein; Readers: Maaja Stewart and Rebecca Mark.

Balber, Tracy. Gender Images: The Selling of Sex in Advertising. Communication. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 1998. Director of Thesis: Carole Spitzack; Readers: Kathleen Turner and John Riley.

Beins, Agatha. Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves: Feminism through Feminist Periodicals, 1970-1983. Women's and Gender Studies. PhD, Rutgers University, May 2011. Chair: Nancy Hewitt; Readers: Harriet Davidson, Joanna Regulska, and Trysh Travis.

Blankford, Nancy. Marginal Architecture: Center for the Oral History of Women, New Orleans, LA. Architecture. Tulane University, Spring 1993. Director of Thesis: Scott Bernard; Advisor: Xavier Navarro-Alemany.

Carter, Carolyn. Treatment of Alcoholic Women: The Effects of Gender-Specific Intervention on Treatment Outcome. Social Work. PhD, Tulane University, April 1993. Chair: Nell I. Lipscomb; Readers: Michel J. Zakour and Brenda Seals. 

Caesar, Catherine. The Playmate as Fine Art. Art History. MA, Tulane University, July 1997. Chairman: Michael Plante; Readers: Marilyn Brown and Elizabeth Boone.

Chang, Te-yu Ruth. Abusive Dating Relationships Among Undergraduate Students at Tulane University. Women's Studies. BS Honors, Newcomb College, May 1996. Director of Thesis: Beth Willinger; Readers: Marsha Houston and Beth Rubin.

Chang, Te-yu Ruth. A New Approach: Pro-Care, Morality and Abortion. Women's Studies. Coca-Cola Summer Scholars, Newcomb College, July 14, 1995. Advisor: Rebecca Mark.

Christensen, A. E. Translations: An Outdoor Exhibition Wall, New Orleans, LA. Spring 1994. Director of Thesis: Javier Navarro; Advisor: Scott W. Wall.

Clendening, Amy. Women and Alcohol: Special Needs in Recovery. School of Social Work. MSW, Tulane University. Advisor: Terri Dalton. Co-author: Jamie Cromer.

Cook, Trisha L. An Examination of the Utilization of Feminist Pedagogical Process by Social Work Educators. Social Work. MSW, Tulane University, 1994. Advisor: Nan Van Den Bergh. Co-authors: Catherine L. Dunbar, Sarah H. Hildreth, Deborah R. Poitevent, Georgia M. Trist.

Coyle, Katy. The Founding of H. Sophie Newcomb College: An Experiment in Southern Higher Education for Women. History. MA, Tulane University, April 1996. Director of Thesis: Wilfred M. McClay; Readers: Sylvia Frey and Maryann Valiulis.

Craft, Bruce Allen. New Emotive Poetics: A Critical Dialectic for the Examination of Contemporary Black American Women's  Poetry. English. BA Honors, Tulane University, April 1988. Director of Thesis: Peter J. Cooley; Readers: Dale H. Edmonds and Barry W. Ahearn.

Crays, Nancy. Role Conflict Between Parental and Career Roles: Choice of Coping Strategy and Coping Effectiveness. Psychology. PhD, Tulane University, April 1985. Chairman: Jefferson L. Sulzer; Readers: Edgar C. O'Neal, Barbara E. Moely, Edward Kemery, and Wesley J. Hansche.

Cromer, Jamie. See: Clendening, Amy

Cunningham, Cheryl V. The Desegregation of Tulane University. History. MA, University of New Orleans, December 1982. Director of Thesis: Joseph Logsdon.

Davis, Emily Elizabeth. The Pottery Notebook of Maude Robinson: A Woman's Contribution to Art Pottery Manufacture, 1903-1909. Early American Culture. MA, University of Delaware, Summer 2007. Chair: Ronald W. Fuchs, II: Advisor: J. Ritchie Garrison.

Delizia, Carolyn. Married Women in Education Facing Occupational Discrimination in the 1930s. Political Science. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 1996. Director of Thesis: Nancy Maveety; Readers: Gary Remer and Susan Tucker.

Dunbar, Catherine L. See: Cook, Trisha L.

Finger, Keith Eric. The Interaction Between Men and Women in Print Advertisements. Sociology. BA Honors, Tulane University, April 1985. Director of Thesis: M. Dwayne Smith; Readers: Shelley Coverman and Beth Willinger.

Glasser, Carol L. Women in the Natural Sciences and Engineering: The Gendered Experience of Graduate School. Sociology. BA Honors, Newcomb College, April 2003. Director of Thesis: Scott Frickel; Readers: April Brayfield and Joan Bennett.

Hildreth, Sarah H. See: Cook, Trisha L.

Kaufman, Risa Elaine. Time-Limited Welfare Proposals: An Analysis of their Effectiveness at Alleviating the Feminization of Poverty Among the Working Poor. Women's Studies/Political Science. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 1994. Director of Thesis: Beth Willinger; Readers: Nancy Maveety and Jean Danielson.

Kellum, Jane M. Democracy and Disillusionment: An Exploration of the Political Expectations of Fifty Romanians after the Revolution and Today. Political Science/International Relations. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 2001. Director of Thesis: Ronald King; Readers: Anthony Pereira and Beth Willinger.

Kuchta, Ellen. Trends in Violent Crime Against Women. Sociology. BA Honors, Newcomb College, December 1990. Director of Thesis: James D. Wright; Readers: M. Dwayne Smith and Kathleen J. Turner.

LaRosa, Julie. Medusa: An Analysis of Feminist Teen Magazines. English. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 2000. Director of Thesis: Molly Travis; Readers: Anne McCall and Jean Danielson.

Levy, Allison M. Women's Tombs of Renaissance Italy. Directed Research: Renaissance Sculpture. Research paper, American University, Fall 1991. Instructor: Mary D. Garrard.

Loomis, Natalie. The Patronage of the Empress Galla Placidida. Art History. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 1994. Director of Thesis: Caecilia Davis; Readers: Richard Tuttle and Dennis Kehoe.

McQuaid, Mary Carolyn. Helping Kids Heal: Group Intervention With Adolescent Survivors of Homicide Victims. Social Work. MSW, Tulane University, 1993. Co-authored by Jean-Marie Ranalletta and Tara L. Sallee.

O'Neil, Brigid. The Femocracy and State: Lessons for Social Change. Women's Studies/Political Science. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 2001. Director of Thesis: Keally McBride; Readers: Jean Danielson and Anne McCall.

Pfeffer, Miki. An „Enlarging Influence‟: Women of New Orleans, Julia Ward Howe, and the Woman‟S Department at the Cotton Centennial Exposition, 1884-1885. Urban Studies, Urban History. PhD, University of New Orleans, 2011. Dissertation Adviser: Madelon Powers; Dissertation Committee: Anne Boyd Rioux, Martha Ward, Connie Atkinson.

Poitevent, Deborah R. See: Cook, Trisha L.

Pollack, Marjorie Lynn. The Relationship Between Sex and Sex Role Differences in Jury Deliberation and Decision. Psychology. BA Honors, Newcomb College, April 1987. Director of Thesis: Jefferson L. Sulzer; Readers: Frederick Koenig and Jonathan Riley.

Raab, Chloe. Report on the Status of Women with Disabilities Living in the Greater New Orleans Area. Service Learning Report. CD.

Ranalletta, Jean-Marie. See: McQuaid, Mary Carolyn.

Randazzo, Renee. The Lousiana Feminist Movement. Communication/Women's Studies. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 2001. Directors of Thesis: Carole Spitzack and Beth Willinger; Reader: Rebecca Mark.

Reymond, Terry Failla. Theme of Mother and Child Depicted by Seven Women Artists, 1860-1980. Liberal Arts. MA, Tulane University, June 1991. Co-Chairmen: Karen Kingsley and Michael Zimmerman; Reader: Andrew J. Reck.

Rogers, Nancy A. Household Economy at Newcomb College. History. BA Honors, Newcomb College, May 1990. Director of Thesis: Beth Willinger; Readers: Clarence Mohr and Arnold Gerall.

Roth, Deborah A. Is There A Contagion Effect for Abnormal Eating Behavior Between College Roommates? Psychology. BS Honors, Newcomb College, May 1994. Director of Thesis: C. Chrisman Wilson; Readers: Edgar C. O'Neal and Beth Willinger.

Sallee, Tara L. See: McQuaid, Mary Carolyn.

Schauer, Nicole L. Gender Price Differentials in Modern Art, An Empirical Study. Economics Independent Study, Spring 2001. Instructor: David Brasington. Received the Shelley Coverman Award, 2001.

Slotkhin, Shaayna. Newcomb College Scrapbooks as a Representation of Cultural History: New Orleans in the 1920s and 1930s. Communication. BA Honors, Tulane University, May 2011. Director of Thesis: Vicki Mayer; Readers: Mary Blue and Mary Allen Johnson.

Sunarso, Eryana. Working Towards a Cinema of Matrilineage in Feminist Documentary. Communication. May 2002. Advisor: N. Frank Ukadike.

Trefzer, Annette. The Politics of In-Difference: Zora Neale Hurston and William Faulkner. English. PhD, Tulane University, March 1992. Chairman: Teresa Toulouse; Readers: Molly Rothenberg and Rebecca Mark.

Trist, Georgia M. See: Cook, Trisha L.

Vickery, Kathleen. Sexto Sentido: Making Sense of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Nicaragua. Latin American Studies. MA, Tulane University, August 2002. Director of Thesis: Carl Kendall; Readers: Ana Lopez and Adeline Masquelier.

Westbrook, Laura Renee. Common Roots: The Godchaux Family in Louisiana History, Literature, and Public Folklore. English. PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Spring 2001. Chair: Marcia Gaudet; Readers: Joseph Andriano, Mary Ann Wilson and Lewis Pyenson.


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