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Allen, Alma

Alpha Omicron Pi, New Orleans Chapter

Alumnae Association Photographs

Alumnae Office

Amoss, Berthe

Arceneaux, Muriel

Art Department - Newcomb Pottery

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Athletic Collection


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Baccich, Eunice, NC 1918

Baker, Katherine Caffery

Ballad of Harriott Sophie Newcomb

Barkerding, Jane Kelleher Riess (NC '38)

Barnes, Lee

Batts, Mary (Scrapbook)

Beijing Collection (4th Non-Governmental Organizations Women's Forum, 1995)

Berry, Elizabeth

Benglis, Lynda

Benjamin, Joan Durland (Scrapbooks)

Bennett, Joan: Research Papers

Benson Zurik, Jesselyn Rose (Scrapbooks), NC 1938

Biggar, Olive (Scrapbook)

Blake, Jody

Blueprints, Caroline Richardson Building

Blueprints, Caroline Richardson Building Cafeteria (A)

Blueprints, Caroline Richardson Building Cafeteria (B)

Blueprints, Caroline Richardson Building Women's Center (A)

Blueprints, Caroline Richardson Building Women's Center (B)

Blueprints, Dixon Hall

Blueprints, Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel

Blueprints, New Doris Hall (A)

Blueprints, New Doris Hall (B)

Blueprints, Newcomb College Administration Office of Admissions

Blueprints, Newcomb College Buildings

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (2nd Floor)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (3rd Floor)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (A)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (B)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (C)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (D)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (E)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (F)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (G)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to 2nd Floor)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Attic)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Audio-Visual Rooms and 3rd Floor)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Dean's Office and Room 105)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Political Science Department)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Room 105)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Rooms 207 and 209 [A])

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Alterations to Rooms 207 and 209 [B])

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Basement A)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Basement B)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Complete) 

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Floor Plans (Toilet Room Layouts)

Blueprints, Newcomb Hall Renovations 

Blueprints, Newcomb Nursery School 

Blueprints, Proposed Science Building

Blueprints, Science Labs 

Blueprints, Typical Bathroom Arrangement

Blueprints, Typical Large Bathroom

Blueprints, Unnamed Dormitory (A) 

Blueprints, Unnamed Dormitory (B) 

Blueprints, Unnamed Dormitory (C) 

Blueprints, Warren House 

Blum, Lucile Jacoby 

Blythe, Lota (Scrapbook) 

Bobo, Harriet

Boggs, Corinne (Lindy) Claiborne 

Boyer, Harriet

Bragg, Jean

Bride's Book, The 

Brock, Lavinia

Brown, Dorothy 

Brylski, Cheron 

Brylski, Cheron - Addendum

Bultman, Bethany

Bush, Lynne


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Capps, Mary

Caroline Richardson Hall Poster

Carpenter, Billie

Cary, Anne Page (Scrapbook) 

Certificates of Credit

Chang, Ruth

Cheshire, Rupert Crebbin (Scrapbook)

Chesky, Doris Lurie (Scrapbook)

Children Coping with Disaster

Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans

Class of 1993 Time Capsule

Class of 1996 Collection

Cohen, Joseph 

Cole, Catharine 

College Women's Centers

Conover, Mary Jane (Scrapbook)

Cook, Beverly

Corinne, Tee A. 

Counselor to Women

Covert, Mildred

Crador, Janice

Crager, Tess

Crichton, Anne Randolph (Scrapbook) 

Crickenberger, Pat Lawler 

Cudd, Carol

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Davis, Coralie

Davis, Virginia (Scrapbook)

Dean's House

deBoisblanc, Mary Anne

De Castro, Grace L.

Dennery, Augusta Waldhorn (Scrapbook) 

Denton, Pat

Despres, Doris Stern 

Despres, Loraine

Diboll, Mary Blocker

Dillon, Virginia

Dixon, Brandt V. B. (Scrapbook)

Documenting the Lives of Newcomb Teachers

Douglas, Elaine Rester, NC 1938

Drag King Collection

Dreaux, Nancy

Dreyfous, Caroline (Scrapbook)

Dreyfus, Frances (Scrapbook)

Dunlap, Loren (Lithograph) 

Dupre, Edith Garland

Durbin, Maurice

Dymond, Florence (Scrapbook)

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Early Women's Studies

Edwards, Eva-Lou Joffrion, NC 1921

Elder, Katharine Lucinda Wilson, NC '18

Ellis, Cynthia 

Ellis, Dora Bonquois

Esthus, Ray 

Ewell, Barbara

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Faget, Mignon, Jewelry Sales 

Fay, Marion

"Feminism" Banner

Feminist Book Fair Papers

Field, Flora 

Fincher, Suzanne, N '62

Ford-Riggs, Mary Onie

Forrester, Regan 

Fortune, Beatrix

Fossier, Mildred 

Frater, "Tatine"

Freeland, Patricia "Patsy"

Freeman, Montine McDaniel 

Friedmann, Patty

Friend, Lillian Frances (Scrapbooks) 

Friends for Newcomb Collection 

Frotscher, Lydia

Furlong-Gardner, Dorothy

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Gayle, Sarah Ann Haynesworth 

Geer, Jerri

Gehman, Mary Elizabeth 

Gilbert, Jan

Goertz, Arthemise, NC 1924 

Goldberg, Melissa Hood

Goldstein, Doris

Government Reports and Surveys 

Green, Jane Whipple 

Griffin, Emilie Dietrich

Grue, Lee

Guthrie, Mary Nelson

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Hansen, Barbara M. 

Hardie, Ruth Miller

Harris, Julie

Hart, Rosa

Hays, Courtney

Heft, Edna

Heimers, Lili

Helwig, Jeanne

Holt, Katherine

Higbee, Ruth Burgess

Honold, Edith Anita 

Hounshell, Charles D. 

Hutson, Ethel (Scrapbook)

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Institiute for the Family

Irvine, Mary Ellen Hunter

Irvine, Mary Ellen Hunter, Photographic Collection

Irvine, Sadie

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Jackson, Jill 


Janvier, Carmelite and Josephine (Scrapbook)

Jennison, Florence

Josephine Louise House Records

Junior Philharmonic Society of New Orleans

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Kahn, Felicia

Kappa Alpha Theta (Scrapbook)

Katrina Krewe 

Keenan, Elizabeth Armide 

Keep Newcomb Strong Banner

Keeping the Memories: Louisianans of the 2nd Wave Feminist Movement 

Kile, Crystal

Kirkpatrick, Lyla

Klapper, Margaret

Knapp, Olive

Koch, Julie

Koch, Minna

Kohlmeyer, Eleanor, NC 1925

Kohlmeyer, Ida, NC 1933

Kolb, Carolyn Goldsby

Kraft, Carlotta, and Alice Schwartz (Scrapbooks) 

Kurtz, Edna Rosalinde Riseman, NC 1923

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Labouisse, Carolyn "Blondie" 

Lambert, Erla

Land, Mary Elizabeth

Landry, Edna Hutchinson


Lansing, Elizabeth, NC 1934

Lawler, Pat Crickenberger

Lemoine, Kathleen

Lenz, Carolyn Fynn, NC 1957 (Scrapbook)

Lesser, May Hyman


Levy, Elise Block (Scrapbook) 

Levy, Evelyn

Levy, Julia

Lineberry, Edna Lorena Hulett

Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

Lowe, Helen

Lyman, Ilene Seale, NC 1959 (Scrapbook)

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Maginnis, Kathleen Eshleman

Mailhes, Mona

Manning, Diane

Mansion at No. 2 Audubon Place

Martin, Lillian Galt, NC 1938

McConnell, Marilyn

McLarty, Dorothy "Dodo" White, NC 1916

Merger Controversy

Merritt, Francine

Milam, Mindy

Miller, Emily van Dorn

Miscellaneous Scrapbooks (1907, 1910, 1918, 1994)

Miscellaneous Scrapbooks (1955, 1964, 1988-1989)

Moody, Elizabeth

Moore, Bette

Moret, Fannie

Mulhearn, Caroline

Murrhee Collection

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Nehrbass, Elizabeth

Nelson, Adela

Newcomb Alumnae Association Publications

Newcomb Alumnae Board Records

Newcomb Alumnae Development Office

Newcomb Alumnae Scrapbook 1929-1939

Newcomb Alumnae Scrapbook 1982

Newcomb Anthology Research Collection

Newcomb Arcade

Newcomb Archives Inventory: Office of the Registrar

Newcomb Art Scrapbooks

Newcomb Assets Scrapbook 1993-1994

Newcomb Centennial Art Weekend Poster

Newcomb Centennial Calendar of Events

Newcomb Centennial Painting of the Lotus Fountain Poster

Newcomb College Admissions Office

Newcomb College Art Department, Pottery Ledger

Newcomb College Art Department, Records of the Department

Newcomb College Budget Chart

Newcomb College Buildings and People Photosheet

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women Records

Newcomb College Dance Program Papers

Newcomb College Office of the Associate Dean

Newcomb College Readings Course Collection

Newcomb Dean's Accounting Files

Newcomb Dean's Office and Alumnae Office: Public Relations Files

Newcomb Dean's Records, 1901-1988 (Newcomb Dean's Records, Series One)

Newcomb Dean's Records

Newcomb Dean's Records (1988-1990)

Newcomb Dean's Records (1996-2001)

Newcomb Dean's Records: Administrative Files

Newcomb Dean's Records: Curriculum Committee

Newcomb Dean's Records: Office General Files

Newcomb, Josephine Louise

Newcomb Nursery School Photos

Newcomb Pottery Records

Newcomb Pottery Research

Newcomb Relief Unit Records

Newcomb Scrapbook Day Collection

Newcomb Senate

Newcomb Student Programs

Newcomb Tee Shirts Collection

Newcomb Women's Center (Scrapbook) 

Newcomb Women's Stories from the Storms: Hurricanes Research Project 2006

Nursery School Collection

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Olivo, Darlene 

Ordination of Women

Orr, Ruth

Oversized Items

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Pabst, Glendy Culligan 

Palmer, Betty

Parr, Leslie

Parun, Phyllis

Pereboom, Margaret

Perkins, Ethel (Diploma)

Perky, Janice Torre, NC 1936

Phi Mu Collection

Pierpoint, Nellie

Pittman, Rita Curry 

Place, Mildred Shaw 

Planned Parenthood

Plowden, Suzanne McCullough

Public Housing Tapes

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Rawls, Gladys, NC

Ready, Mary Frances, NC 1957

Reck, Betty Torre

Reunion Records

Reunion Surveys

Riegel, Lucy Weed, NC 1935  

Riley, Agnes Graham Sanders

Robinson, Martha Gilmore, NC 1909 

Rocherolle, Eugenie Ricau 

Rollins, Mary

Romanowski, Beatrice

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Salzer, Adele Ramos, NC 1940

Saussy, Marcelle d'Aquin, NC 1961

Save Newcomb College

Schafer, Judith

Schillin, Aurelia Bisso (Scrapbook) 

Schneider, Wendi

Schneider, Wendi (Printed Matter) 

Schupp, Harriet

Scully, Rabig-Roeling Family

Seifirth, Fanny (Scrapbook) 

Serio, Marie Lodato

Sheldon, Amanda

Sievers, Linda 

Smith, Constance

Smith, Florence Ambrose (Scrapbook)

Sophie the Riveter 

Spencer, Marion Fay (Scrapbook) 

Stafford, Julia

Stewart, Jane

Stoner, Francis "Leesa"

Stone, Francis "Leesa" - Addendum 

Steele, Berenice

Swift, Harriet

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Tew Notebooks 

Tierney, Karline 

Tobias, Sheila 

Tribute to Louisiana Women 

Tulane Extension Papers

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University Publications

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Vertical File Index 

Vick, Kathy 

Vorhoff, Nadine Robberts (Scrapbook)


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Waggoner, May Gwin

Wallace, Virginia (Scrapbook)

Ware, Carolyn

Willinger, Elaine 

Witherspoon, Evelyn 

Women in the Mainstream 

Women of the Storm

Women's Caucus for Art Collection 

Women's Studies Program Records

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The Young Ladies Journal: An Illustrated Magazine

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Zale-Kimmerling Writers Collection 

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