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<h2 class="nci-h2-featured">E.M. Broner is the 5th Zale-Kimmerling Writer-In-Residence (1989)


Elizabeth Masserman Broner, known in the literary world as E.M. Broner, was born on July 8, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University in 1950 and her Masters in 1962, she went on to obtain her PhD from the Union Graduate School.

After receiving her PhD, Broner went on to teach at various universities throughout the world. She has taught creative writing at Wayne State University, Sarah Lawrence College, Haifa University, Hebrew University, Oberlin College, and UCLA

Through poetic, lyrical, and dramatic means, Broner’S works employ an inheritance of Yiddish and Hebrew themes in experimental modes that celebrate the female hero. Her writing involves those who choose the uncomfortable and the ethnic, sexual, or political commitments that breach current popular themes. Broner’S characters struggle with the past to find a place in the present.

Her captivating writing style that spans controversial topics has led to a number of prestigious awards. Broner has received two Wayne State University research grants for creative work and the Emma Lazarus Shaver Fund grant, as well as various writing fellowships from Esquire Magazine. She has also received the O. Henry Award twice, as well as the Wonder Woman Award in 1983. E.M Broner has also been honored countless times by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Michigan Council for the Arts, and the Foundation for the Arts.


Bringing Home the Light: A Jewish Woman’s Handbook on Rituals (1999)

Contemporary Novelists, 6th Edition (1996)

Ghost Stories (1995)

Mornings and Mourning: A Kaddish Journal (1994)

Safe Haven (first produced in New York, 1986)

Letters to My Television Past (first produced in New York, 1985)

Contemporary Literary Criticism, Volume 19 (1981)

The Lost Tradition: Mothers and Daughters in Literature (1980)

Monthly Detroit (Periodical; February, 1980)

A Weave of Women (1978)

Nation (Periodical; November 4, 1978; July 3, 1995, cp. 22)

New York Times (Periodical; July 25, 1978)

Washington Post (Periodical; June 3, 1978)

“Broner on Broner: The Writing of Humor, or A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a Tragedy” Regionalism and the Female Imagination. 3 (Winter 1977-1978)*

“A Woman’s Passover Haggadah” Ms., 5 (April 1977): 53-56*

The Body Parts of Margaret Fuller (Various Theaters, 1976-1977)

Playwrights Horizons (first produced in New York, 1976)

Her Mothers (1975)

Detroit News (Periodical; October 23, 1975)

Journal-Nocturnal and Seven Stories (1968)

Saturday Review (Periodical; November 23, 1968)

Colonel Higginson (Studio Theater of Wayne State University, 1968)

Wait Till I Swallow My Saliva (broadcast on WXYZ-TV, 1968)

Summer is a Foreign Land (Studio Theater of Wayne State University, 1967)

Summer is a Foreign Land (1966)

Quotes By And About E.M Broner

“Broner’S world-view is thoroughly Judaic and religious, a living and sensuous and intelligent battle fought with her religion through all of her books with the intent of making Judaism extend justice to and become a home for women.”

            -Contemporary Novelists

“Her special individual gifts-imagery, sympathy, an obliqueness of vision-are evident enough to win admirers who will look forward to her future work.”

            -Saturday Review

“The gift of laughter and outrage allows Broner not only to put the wrongs of the past in perspective, but to reorder values determining the future.”

            -Unknown Critic

“My work is largely about the uncharted course of women: their history, genealogy, pilgrimage, literature, connections, and holidays.”

            -E.M. Broner

*Articles Submitted to: North American Review, Commentary, Story Quarterly, Nimrod, Mother Jones, and News Letters

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