The Female Orgasm 

Bringing “Sexy” back into “Sex Education”

Newcomb Student Programs and Wellness and Health Promotion are excited to bring you a new twist on sex education as a part of this semester’s Tulane After Dark Series. On Friday, January 29 at 10pm, join us in the Qatar ballroom to laugh and learn about the "big O," the most popular topic sex educators Jocelyn Benson and Marshall Miller teach about! Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot. 

Did you Know?
-It takes a man an average of 2-5 minutes to have an orgasm, while it takes a woman an average of 20 minutes.
- Half of girls have had an orgasm by the time they're 16 years old.
- 44% of men say their female partners always have orgasms when they have sex, but only 22% of women say they always have orgasms when they have sex.
- About 1% of women are able to achieve orgasm solely through breast stimulation.
- 63% of college women say they've had multiple orgasms.
- The G-spot is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern doctor to write about it.

Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help your girlfriend, they cover it all with lots of humor, plenty of honesty, and an underlying message of sexual health and women's empowerment. Learn about this and much more at “The Female Orgasm,” taking place Friday, January 29 at 10 PM in the LBC, Qatar Ballroom.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what students and staff at other Universities had to say about “The Female Orgasm.”


"Sex ed meets stand-up in a perfect combination!"
- Carissa Nash, Pride Center Peer Educator, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

"The program exceeded all of my expectations. The turnout was amazing, the artists so flexible, and the content humorous and touching. I enjoyed the combination of humor, truth, realism, inclusiveness and classy storytelling."
- Heather Yattaw, Assistant Director of Student Activities, University of Kentucky

"The Female Orgasm is an amazing, fun, informative, and necessary program for every college campus! Dorian and Marshall do a fantastic job at keeping the crowd involved and excited about the subject of female orgasm."
- Rachel Sliman, Vice President, Tufts VOX

"The female orgasm workshop was wonderful. ... More frank discussions like this should occur. This is just what Duke needed."
- Stephanie Carter, Residence Coordinator, Duke University

“Clearly the best lecture event we've ever had."
- Eric Busse, President, Clarkson Union Board

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