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Educating undergraduate women for leadership in the 21st century.

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The Vorhoff Library collects zines that focus on the narratives and experiences of women whose stories often go untold in mainstream society. Some examples of these are women in the service industry, members of the LGBT community, alternative voices in parenting, education, and politics, survivors of domestic abuse or rape, incarcerated women, single fathers, natural disaster survivors.  Along with these narratives are personal zines or “perzines” that relay stories of hope and struggle in the face of everyday challenges in the 21st century. Below is the current inventory of zines housed within the Nadine Vorhoff Library. For more information on the definition and history of zines, please visit our Biblioblog

1999, by Noah Van Scriver

19c.: A Fast and Generous Friend to the Destitute Orange-Girl, the Neglected Washerwoman, and the  Distressed Muffin-Man
, by Jaimey

Adrift, by JP Coovert
Adventures in Menstruating, by Chella Quint
Adventures of Supermuse, by The Krewe of Muses

Always Already, by Katie Haegele
The Archivalist,by Travis Robertson

Asian Cajun Vegan Cook Zine, Number 1
Assassin and the Whiner, No. 9

As Soon as You're Born, They Make You Feel Small: Self Determination for Children

Big Cat Parade!
by Lizz Lunney

Bikini Kill

Bitter Ink No. 1,by Brian Zeigler and Ray "Moose" Jackson

Blizzards, Blindfolds, Squatters and Cartoonists - and Other Words that were Born in 1880
, by Katie Haegele

Body Image: Influences and Views From Women,
by Jacquelyn Dixon
Book Bindery, by Sarah Royal

Brainscan 21: Irreconcilable Differences, by Alex Wrekk
Broken Pencil

Chainbreaker Number 5
, by Jackson

Chart Your Cycle: A 10 Year Menstrual Chart to Help You Go With the Flow, Plus a Decade's Worth of Interviews, Articles, Facts and Resources, by Chella Quint

Coffeeshop Crushes: Tales of Love and Lust in Coffee Establishments
, edited by Nicole Georges and  Jon Van Oast, illustrated by Clutch McBastard

Crescent City Stories, by Nicki Sabalu

Dirt Palace

DIY or Don't We? No.1

Dog Dayz, by Fly
Doris, 12,by Cindy Crabb

Doris, 15: DIY Depression Guide, by Cindy Crabb
Doris, 19 ABC, by Cindy Crabb

Doris, 21, by Cindy Crabb

Doris, 23, by Cindy Crabb
Doris, 24, by Cindy Crabb

Driving Blind, by Erin Hawley
Emergency, #3
Emergency, #5: The Ocean and the Hill

Empathy - An Interdisciplinary Journal for Persons Working to End Oppression on the Basis of Sexual Identities: Concepts of Male and Female Power, edited by James T. Sears
Empathy - An Interdisciplinary Journal for Persons Working to End Oppression on the Basis of Sexual Identity: The Politics of Sexual Diversity, edited by James T. Sears

, by Lacey Hedtke

Fancy Word for Widow,
by Katie Haegele

Feminism 101: An Incomplete Introduction to the Truth Behind the Word, by Aeron Dugan and Julie

Figure 8, #4: Fighting for Fat Rights, edited by Krissy Durden
Films DIY Guide to Film & Video

Frugal Vegan's Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide, by Lisa van den Boomen
Frugal Vegan's Spring & Summer Survival Guide, by Lisa van den Boomen
Fun with Words, by Katie Haegele
Galatea's Pants. #21, by Lauren Eggert-Crowe

Gentrification Reader, compiled and edited by Skot
Girl/Boy #4
Greenzine, 14

Guitar Basics
, by Sarah Utter 

Hallowing of a House,by Katie Haegele
Heartfelt: A Woman, Busted Typewriter, and Strategies for Addressing Gender, Race, and the Current State  of the Anarchist Community, 3

Hey, 4-eyes! #3, edited by Robyn Chapman
How I Got so Xtra Tuf., No. 4, by Moe Bowstern

I Dreamed I Was Assertive, #12, by Celine Perez
I Hate Mom's Cat: And Other Tales,by Corrine Mucha
I Hate This Part of Texas 5, by John Gerkin
Inkling Six: Five Stories, Two Dollar, by Melissa Klein
Invincible Summer #19/Clutch #22, by Nicole Georges
Keep Loving, Keep Fighting #6

Keep Loving, Keep Fighting; I Hate This Part of Texas, #7
, by Hope and John

Ker-bloom!: 79 [July-Aug. 2009],
by Karen Switzer
Ker-bloom! #87

King-Cat Comics and Stories, No. 69, by John Porcellino
Learning Good Consent
Let it Be Known, Spring 2002: Experiences of [Women] Institutionalized
Let it Be Known, #2: Experiences of [Women] Activists

Let's DIY! Tips and Tricks on Organizing Zine Workshops, by Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go
Let's DIY #2, Off the Page: Taking Zine-Making to the Community, by Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go
Lilipoh, the Spirit of Life, edited by Christy Korrow
Lost in the Stacks,by Mike Perry
Lower East Side Librarian, Solstice Greetings, by Jenna Freedman

Lower East Side Librarian, Winter Solstice Shout Out 2010
, by Jenna Freedman
Lower East Side Librarian, Issue 11: Winter Solstice Shout Out, 2011, by Jenna Freedman
Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills, by Raleigh Briggs     

MAMA Calendar, by Coleen Murphy

Mamaphiles, #1
Mamaphiles, #2
Mellow Yellow

Miranda, Motherhood and Other Adventures, by Katie Haas

Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions, by Corrine Mucha

Muffin Bones #20: Basil is Dying, by Emily K. Larned

Mutant Superpowers & Lithium Pills: Bipolar Adventure Stories,by Sasha Scatter
The Muses Guide to Love and Romance,by The Krewe of Muses
My Every Single Thought: What I Think About Being Single, by Corrine Mucha
My Feminist Friends, by Katelyn Angell

Newcomb Arcade, Volume XXV, Number 1, edited by Jennifer Leslie
Newcomb Arcade, Volume XXV, Number 2, edited by Jennifer Leslie, guest edited by Michelle Tea
New Laurel Review

New Orleans...My Love
, by Shelley
Out of the Closets and into the Libraries: A Collection of Radical Queer Moments, complied by Conrad

Pocket Full of Coffee,by Joe Decie
Privilege and Solidarity: Challenging Capitalism, Challenging Philanthropy, by Tyrone Boucher

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood, edited by Tomas Moniz and Jeremy Adam Smith

Rad Dad #14, edited by Tomas Moniz
Rad Dad #21,Occupy,edited by Tomas Moniz
Reading Group Choices 2012: Selections of Lively Book Discussions

Reality Mom: A Zine About Writing, Motherhood, Relationships and Other Low Paying but Highly Rewarding  Endeavors. Volume 7, Issue 2, Issue Theme: Sex,
edited by founder and writer, Reality Mom (Corbin Lewars), with guest artist, Courtney Putnam

Rocket Queen, by Janet
Rocket Queen No. 2, Tales of Restrained Pillage, by Janet
Runx Tales, #1,by Matt Runkle

She Must Be Having a Bad Day: The Cult of the Female Food Service Worker, by Dana Leigh Raidt

Should You Encounter a Cougar,by Jacob T. Stoltz
Sleuth: May/June 2009, #17, edited by Jennifer Fisher
Sleuth: September/October 2007, #7, edited by Jennifer Fisher
Snake Oil 7, by Charles Forsman

Sobstory? #8, by Andrew

So Nervous #1, by Corinne Mucha

Sub Rosa #5, by Taryn Hipp

Support, compiled by Cindy Crabb

Take Back Your Life: A Wimmin's Guide to Alternative Health Care, by Alicia Non Grata
Taking the Lane, Volume Two, edited by Elly Blue
Taking the Lane, Volume Three, Unsung Heros: A Quarterly Publication for the Modern Wheelwoman,  edited by Elly Blue
Taking the Lane, Volume Four: Sexy on the Inside, by Elly Blue

Things I've Lost/Found: Words by Katie, Drawings by Helen, by Katie Haegele
Thousand Times Yes: Reflections on Yoko Ono, by Kate Angell

Treasures of Sky Mall, by Gemma Correll
Truckface, by Loren Barry

Wait Five Minutes, It Will Change, by Lewis Wallace
We'll Never Have Paris, Vol.6, Spring 2010

What the Heck is a Yarnbomb?by Nicole the Librarian
Where You From?, by Gutwrench
White Blackbirds, by Katie Haegele
Women's Self-Defense: Stories & Strategies of Survival, edited by Ariel Clemenzi
Worm: Fashion Journal
Worm: Fashion Journal, Issue No. 13
WTUL Presents: The Vox
Xtra Tuf, No.5, The Strike Issue

You Don't Get There From Here, by Carrie McNinch

Zine Capsule: Zine Collecting for the Future
, by Kimberly Schwenk

Zine Librarian Zine, #2, Winter 2003

Zine World

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