Charles Figley

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Charles Figley
Dr. Paul Henry Kurzweg Distinguished Chair and Professor of Disaster Mental Health  and Professor of Social Work


Charles Figley is an internationally-known trauma expert, social work professor and head of the Tulane Trauma Institute. Following Katrina, he helped mobilize crisis counselors for hurricane survivors, conducted training sessions for post-Katrina practitioners and lectured across the country on disaster-related trauma. He can speak about how anniversaries of disasters can trigger trauma.

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Areas of Expertise: trauma, disasters, disaster related mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), compassion fatigue, stress and coping, post-Katrina training for crisis counselors

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Charles Figley, an internationally renowned expert in disaster-related mental health, has joined Tulane University as the Dr. Paul Henry Kurzweg distinguished chair and professor of disaster mental health in the School of Social Work.

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