Great escapes

June 1, 2016 8:45 AM

Mary Cross

The More You NOLA 

Mystere Escape Rooms

Assemble your team to find the clues needed to escape from The Game Room, one of the many puzzle rooms featured at Mystere Escape Rooms. (Photo provided by Mystere Escape Rooms)

If you’re looking for a challenge, check out these puzzling local venues.

Whether you are attempting to get family members to drop their smartphones and spend time together, need a fun group activity for New Orleans newcomers or are searching for a new destination for an office team-building retreat, escape room attractions offer a unique solution. If you’re looking for a challenge, check out these puzzling local venues.
Clue Carre (830 Union St., Suite 101)
Known as New Orleans’ first live escape game, Clue Carre recently opened a newly expanded location in the Central Business District. Clue Carre’s guests form teams of sleuths to hunt for hidden clues and decode riddles in order to unlock each game room’s door in an hour or less. Children as young as 8 can join in the fun at the family-friendly venue. With themes ranging from a haunted swamp to a vampire hunter’s quest, each of the five custom-built game rooms can comfortably fit seven to 10 players.
Mystere Escape Rooms (4800 Canal St.)
Sharing its space with popular Halloween haunted house The Mortuary, Mystere Escape Rooms offer a variety of fully immersive experiences, where up to 12 players can test their puzzle-solving skills. Uncover the key in The Embalming Room with enough time to elude an unleashed zombie, or try your luck in the family-friendly Game Room, where guests can only open the hidden escape door by collecting clues concealed by mysterious ancient artifacts. Guests can also watch games unfold from The Observation Lounge.  
Escape My Room (633 Constance St.)
Located in a former downtown perfume factory, this venue is inspired by the storied DeLaporte family’s former mansion, which was demolished to make room for a modern hospital complex. The attraction’s owners preserved the local family’s belongings, recreating the mansion as an escape room experience and building a museum dedicated to the family’s legacy. Visitors can uncover the DeLaportes’ secrets by embarking on a treasure hunt in the Mardi Gras Study or solving a murder in the Jazz Parlor.

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