A Good Neighbor

October 7, 2001

Heather Heilman

Tulane President Scott Cowen has appointed his chief of staff, Anne Banos, to the role of contact person for Tulane's neighbors. This is one of the ways Tulane is responding to the community's concerns, Banos said. At a series of eight focus groups held by Tulane in April, neighbors were invited to share their thoughts about community problems and propose ways that the university and the neighborhood can work together to resolve them.

The most commonly raised issue at the meetings was the perception that students living off campus sometimes display a lack of responsibility and respect for the neighborhood and for their own safety. Some neighbors said they don't know whom to contact when they have a problem that needs to be addressed by Tulane.

Improving the neighborhood will require the collaborative effort of the university, the New Orleans Police Department, neighbors, landlords, fraternity and sorority members, and other students, according to Dan Nadler, associate dean of students. "We have to realize that these issues are bigger than any one of us," said Nadler.

Nevertheless, the university will continue to be increasingly proactive in the neighborhood and has put together an internal committee to work on addressing neighborhood issues. The committee will soon publish a map of the Broadway area that will identify which properties are owned or recognized by Tulane, which are recognized by Loyola, which are rental properties and which are private.

Other initiatives are in the planning stages, but will include actions to address problems on Broadway, according to Banos. The committee is also discussing ways to educate students about being a responsible tenant and neighbor before they go out to rent their first apartments in the area. The university is sincerely committed to doing its part to improve the neighborhood, Banos said.

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