Storage within 18 inches of a sprinklered ceiling

Gas cylinders improperly secured/capped

Door signs needed

Eating/Drinking/Smoking in the laboratory

Glass bottles containing chemicals stored on the floor

Excessive combustible storage in the laboratory/Items in Halls

Fire extinguisher needs inspection/mounting/blocked

Needles/sharps unsecured/needlebox full/improper needlebox

Airfoils needed on hoods

Unguarded pulley - usually on vacuum pump

Incompatible chemical storage/old, undated ether

Blocked eyewash/shower

Tripping hazards

Poor housekeeping/trash

Electrical panel blocked

Stained ceiling tiles

Dry rot gas hose

Contaminated paper pads

Storage of >10 gal flammables outside flammable cabinet

Food in lab refrigerator

Chemicals stored over edges of shelves/no lips on shelves

Outlet covers missing

Exits blocked

sprinkler_blocked nosmoking sharps_container blocked eyewash blockedcorridor electric-overload blocked-fire-exit UL4