Compressed Gas Cylinders


  1. Compressed gas cylinders must be properly secured in an upright position at all times by means of an appropriate stand, chain, or strap. (This includes "empty" cylinders.)
    Exception: Three (3) foot and smaller cylinders may be stored or transported in the horizontal position if properly secured.
  1. The protective valve cap should remain in place until the cylinder is secured and the regulator has been attached.
  1. The contents of cylinders should be properly identified with decals, stencils, tags, or other markings. Color coding is not standardized and should not be relied upon.
  1. Empty cylinders should be marked distinctly and separated from full cylinders. The valve should be closed and the valve protection cap must be in place on "empty" units.
  1. Cylinders must be transferred with a cylinder cart or handtruck in an upright position and properly secured with a chain or strap with the protective valve cap in place. Do not roll or drag cylinders. Avoid dropping cylinders or allowing them to strike against one another.

  2. Do not allow oil, grease, or flammable material to come in contact with cylinders, regulators, or other fittings.

  3. Do not use oxygen fittings, valves, or regulators for other types of gases. Always use the proper valve connections.

  4. Always inspect the cylinder valve for damaged threads, dirt, oil, or grease. Remove any dust or dirt with a clean cloth. Do not use cylinders or regulators which do not operate properly.

  5. A "NO SMOKING" sign should be placed in all rooms containing oxygen or flammable gas cylinders.

  6. Never mix gases or transfer gas from one cylinder to another.

  7. Cylinders containing flammable gases such as hydrogen and acetylene should be stored separately from oxidizers and non-flammable gases.

  8. Do not store cylinders near sources of radiant heat or near combustible or highly flammable substances such as oil or gasoline.

  9. Return empty cylinders promptly to avoid continued payment of monthly cylinder rental charges.