Departmental Safety Representative

Tulane has an EHS Compliance Management System in place which consists of the EHS Policy Committee, the EHS Operations Committee and the Departmental Safety Representatives (DSRs). Each unit within Tulane has been asked to appoint at least one person as a DSR. Basically, DSRs act as a liaison between their unit at Tulane and the OEHS. DSR’s are the key to a unit’s environmental health and safety compliance.

If a department or section has responsibilities in multiple areas such as on another campus, in another building or on alternate floors, then it is advised that either multiple DSRs or assistant DSRs be selected to serve those areas.  For several departments, there are separate DSRs for Offices and Laboratories.  In the case of an emergency requiring immediate response, the selected staff members would be readily available to respond appropriately at the other locations.  

DSR Guide (pdf)

Training Documentation


The inspection program for implementation by Departmental Safety Representatives (DSRs) includes a focus inspection process in which selected topics will be presented on a quarterly basis.  This will replace the quarterly use of a complete inspection checklist such as the one which had been used for Offices and Laboratories.  However, if a department has generated an inspection form utilizing these checklists, and wish to continue using their forms, then this may continue, and the focus inspection forms will not be required for this application.  The program and forms to be used for the Focus Inspection process will be presented and reviewed at the quarterly DSR meetings.  The Focus Inspection Forms to be used are as follows:

Focus Inspection - Biohazards/Sharps

Focus Inspection - Housekeeping

Focus Inspection - Fire Safety

Focus Inspection - Hazardous Waste

Focus Inspections – Electrical

Focus Inspections – Personal Protective Equipment

Focus Inspection - Chemical Storage

Focus Inspection – Eyewash, Drench Hose, and Safety Showers

Focus Inspection - Refrigerators and Freezers

Focus Inspection - Fume Hoods

Non-Focus Inspection Checklists