Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) have been developed to assist personnel in conducting a safe and effective evacuation of our buildings.  A potential evacuation may be required for events such as a fire, police action/civil disturbance, hazardous material, severe weather, utility outage, disease outbreak, explosion/structural collapse, or weapons of mass destruction.  All elements in the plan must be followed.  If you have any immediate questions regarding the plan, please contact the appropriate Departmental Safety Representative (DSR) or others as listed in Section H of the EAP.  This plan will be re-evaluated routinely or when changes are indicated.


EAP Training Module

The training of personnel in your department must be conducted when the plan is developed or an employee is assigned initially to a job, when the employee’s responsibilities under the plan change and also when the plan is changed.  DSRs will be notified of any changes via email or from meetings held by OEHS. Training on Tulane University's Emergency Action Plans are mandatory for all new employees and can be accessed on the Training Wave learning management system.