Environmental Compliance

The Environmental Section of the OEHS strives to ensure that Tulane University departments comply with all federal, state and local regulatory agency requirements related to air (pollution sources/emissions), water quality (drinking water, storm water, waste water, oil pollution), and hazardous chemicals (storage and waste generation).   The Environmental Section maintains centralized recordkeeping to track environmental compliance and provides guidance and training materials on environmental program areas.

The Environmental Section has primary responsibility for managing hazardous chemical waste that is routinely generated as a result of clinical, research, teaching and maintenance operations. OEHS personnel pick up hazardous chemical waste from various departments on all Tulane campuses, maintain several on-campus waste rooms and arrange for proper hazardous waste disposal through a commercial vendor. OEHS also receives unused chemicals as part of a surplus chemical redistribution program.  In addition, the Environmental Section assists operating departments with the management of other regulated waste streams such as used oil, refrigerants, batteries, pharmaceutical waste, and fluorescent bulbs.

The OEHS works with Tulane’s Office of Environmental Affairs in supporting initiatives to promote sustainability and environmental awareness through waste minimization, energy conservation, green building, and community outreach.