Principal Investigators (PI's) applying for DOD grants are advised to review their submittal packets very closely as there have been some very important changes. As noted below, the Environmental Compliance Assurance (ECA) form is no longer required for new research proposals. However, proposals that received funding in the past federal fiscal year may still be required to submit this information. If you would like to proceed to the Grant Signatures portion of the OEHS website, please click here.

If there are any questions, please contact the OEHS at 504-988-5486 or via email

As of 1 October 2014, USAMRMC will no longer require environmental or safety compliance forms related to extramural research proposals. This includes the facility safety plans (and annual updates), PI safety assurance forms, Safety Officer assurance form, and environmental compliance assurance forms. This applies to all new (FY 2015) submittals. We are continuing the past processes for proposals being funded through past broad agency announcements with past year funding. However, this should be phasing out with another year. 

We will still be conducting internal environmental reviews of the projects, and in some rare cases additional documentation would be requested from the research institution. This would be for instances such as work with Army provided select agents, work with pesticides outside of an established lab, and projects which pull plans or animals from the wild. In such events I will work with our contract staff to request any specific documentation that may be necessary to complete a full environmental review.

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