Safety Data Sheets

Electronic access or hard copies of SDSs must be available in the individual work areas where the chemicals are used. In addition, a hard copy library of SDSs are kept in both the downtown and uptown are maintained by the OEHS. 

SDSs can be made available to an employee upon request. To search for a chemical by chemical manufacturer, see the table below.

In the event of an after-hours emergency, SDSs can be obtained by contacting Tulane Police who will notify the OEHS on-call person.

Chemical Manufacturer

(link provided where possible)

Telephone Number

(where possible)

The Butler Company



1-800-242-2424 EXT 25

EM Science    


Fisher Chemical Company


Curtin Matheson Faxback

1 888 677 4890 Pin# 628427



HazSoft SDS Search


Sigma Chemical SDS


University SDS Sources:


University of Akron

This site has over 1500 SDSs