Training Documentation

All safety training must be documented. This can be accomplished via computer data entry associated with a webbased training module or by completing a form provided by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS). If the training is computer data entry and is webbased, then the training module will have a quiz with multiple questions or there may be one question which is in the form of a statement that asks the participant to acknowledge the training. With the completion of a quiz, the results will be entered into the system either as PASS or FAIL. If one passes the quiz, then one will be allowed to print a certificate only at the time of system access immediately following the completion of the quiz. One cannot go back to later retrieve the certificate. The PASS or FAIL designation will be automatically entered into the database accessible by the OEHS Training, Education, and General Safety (TEG) Manager. Results are available to DSRs or supervisors upon request and can be sent via email.

If one wishes to use a form for documentation, then one may use the Training Record Form – Individual Listing or use the Training Record Form – Group Listing to list training session attendees or participants.   All information must be entered on the form and the name must be clearly PRINTED. Handwriting must be legible. The original completed form must be sent to the attention of L. Mayer in OEHS, via campus mail, mail code TW 16 or hand-delivered to room 1156, Tidewater Building, TUHSC. The DSR or supervisor should keep a copy of the completed training form. Data will be entered into the computer data base manually for such completed forms. If you have any questions, then please contact L. Mayer, Manager – TEG
at (504) 988-2447 or by email at

Training Record Form - Individual Listing

Training Record Form - Group Listing