What to do immediately after a blood exposure

  • Wash exposed area with soap and water for 5 minutes; if eye or mucous membrane contact, flush with sterile water or saline for 5 minutes.

  •  Report the incident to your supervisor.

Where do I report for medical care?

You may seek medical attention in the same manner that it would be sought should any occupational injury occur (e.g., emergency room, physician's office, urgent care clinic). However, we recommend using the following guidelines based on the location where the occupational injury was sustained:  

If on rounds at another healthcare facility:

Report to Employee Health (or the Emergency Room if after business hours) at that location for initial visit, but you must still notify the Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator at (504) 419-1391 as soon as possible. 

Injuries at TNPRC: 

Go to the Occupational Health Clinic (Building A-5) at TNPRC for medical evaluation during business hours. If an exposure incident occurs after hours or on the weekend, your supervisor will notify the veterinarian on-call and page the nurse at (985) 966-6515 for further instructions. TNPRC Employee Health Phone: (985) 871-6600 

All Tulane University Health Sciences students: 

(This includes Tulane University School of Medicine students, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine students, as well as all graduate students in a Tulane University Health Sciences Program.)  

Downtown Student Health Services in the Elk's Place Building (2nd Floor -Suite 261)  

Mon thru Fri 8A to 4P: Call Downtown Student Health: (504) 988-6929  

All other times, call: (504) 419-1391

All other Tulane University employees:

Should report to the nearest emergency department, urgent care clinic, etc. for their immediate care and notify the Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator at (504) 419-1391 as soon as possible.  

Workers' Compensation Information

As employees, you are covered under Workers' Compensation for an occupational injury. You should inform the treating healthcare provider that the injury is work-related and to bill accordingly. Employees should NOT show their personal insurance as this can complicate the billing issues. You should call the Workers' Compensation Manager by phone, (504) 988-2869 to verify benefits available.  

Important Facts:  

  • Employee is entitled to medical benefits once compensable injury occurs.  
  • Employee is entitled to indemnity benefits after a seven (7) day waiting period. Indemnity benefits are paid at a calculation of 66 and 2/3 percent of wages.  
  • All medical expenses related to a compensable injury are paid per fee schedule.  
  • If necessary, seek medical treatment at nearest hospital or clinic.  
  • Provide all medical documentation to your supervisor and Workers' Compensation Manager.  
Keep copies of documentation.