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Conjugates of Therapeutic or Cytotoxic Agents and Biologically Active Peptides (printable)


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize a novel prodrug design which conjugates a therapeutic or cytotoxic agent and a targeting moiety via carbamate linkage.




  • Targeted, cell-specific method for delivering therapeutic or cytotoxic agents to cells when internalized by those cells which possess a receptor specific to the carbamate bound ligand
  • Method for treatment of cancers of certain cancers in which the cancerous cells express tumor-cell specific receptors



  • Unique, cell-type specific method for delivery of therapeutic agents
  • Reduces the incidence of cytotoxicity during chemotherapy
  • Simple to produce
  • Predictable mode of action

Development Status

This technology has been tested extensively in vitro. Laboratory work is ongoing and a patent has been issued.



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