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Novel Aptamers Effective Against Tumor Growth and Inflammation (printable)


Tulane University is actively seeking commercial entities to further develop and commercialize novel compounds which effectively remove thrombin and trypsin from the human blood stream, thereby inhibiting tumor growth and inflammation.




  • Provides effective treatment of:
    • Metastatic tumors
    • Inflammatory conditions

  • Potential use in a diagnostic where a single molecule can serve as both the protein binding and signaling agent



  • Reduce both thrombin and trypsin in the blood stream
  • Are not degradable by normal protease activity
  • Can be regulated once in the patient
  • Potentially easy to manufacture with low toxicity

Development Status

This technology has been tested extensively in vitro, with results strongly supporting the efficacy of the compounds. Laboratory work is ongoing to produce more effective species of these compounds.

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