Umbilical Cord Cutter and Sterilizer (PDF)

Tulane University is actively seeking companies interested in commercializing a novel medical
device which effectively cuts an umbilical cord and sterilizes both the maternal and infant ends
after cutting.



Designed to cut and sterilize human umbilical cords outside of a traditional operating room, this
device is also appropriate to a traditional obstetric environment as well as veterinary



This one-piece sterile unit reduces the risk of infection from non-sterile cutting implements and
protects the infant’s umbilical stump from ambient environmental contaminants after cutting.
The instrument is compact, inexpensive to manufacture and easy to use.



This technology has been tested extensively in vitro, with results strongly supporting the efficacy
of the instrument. Further work is ongoing to produce more effective prototypes.



David A. Rice, Ph.D., William Kethman, Bryan Molter, Stephanie Roberts, Mark Young


For more information, please contact:

John Christie
Executive Director

Tulane Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-6962