Faculty and Staff Permit Information


Do I need a parking permit?

All vehicles parked on campus must have an active parking permit displayed in their vehicle.  Permits can be ordered online at  and picked up in the Parking Services office in the Diboll Complex.  You can also purchase a permit in the office.  For your convenience, the vehicle registration form is available for download.  Once completed, bring your Tulane Splash Card and the  completed form to the Parking Services office in the Diboll Complex. Faculty and Staff permits can be paid by payroll deduction, with credit card, cash or check.  We are not able to accept American Express.  Parking zones are strictly regulated to ensure there are spaces available for valid permit holders.

Parking Options for Faculty and Staff

All campus parking requires  the display of a valid permit or payment of a meter throughout the year, including the summer. Permit renewal/registration may be accomplished conveniently from this website.  Annual faculty and staff permits are based on salary.  Please see the permit costs link above.

Staff permits are issued to persons who are staff members, sub-contract employees (food service, custodial, travel agency, bookstore, bank employees and temporary employees). University staff should purchase and display their parking permit prior to the beginning of the permit year. 

Faculty permits are issued for persons who are faculty and Tulane Executive Officers. University faculty should purchase and display their parking permit prior to the beginning of the permit year. 

Parking meters are located throughout campus.  If you are parked at a meter, please make sure you have paid the meter for the full time you will be gone. 

Daily Permits are available for purchase online and in the parking office.  Daily permits purchased online are printed at home and placed on your dashboard.  You can also purchase daily permits in the parking office.  With these you can scratch off the month, day and year you are using the permit making it a convenient back up plan if you are running late.Faculty and Staff with a disability, permanent or temporary, may purchase a handicap parking permit valid in accessible locations near campus buildings.

Handicap Permits are available for Faculty and Staff who qualify for disability services either temporarily or ongoing.  Faculty and Staff should begin by presenting documentation to the Parking Services' office located in the Diboll Garage or e-mail at 

Temporary handicap parking is available with a physician's letter identifying the nature of the disability and the length of time accommodations are needed.  If a request is being made for an unspecified length of time, the request must go through the Office of Disability Services.  A new updated letter from a physician is required annually if the person does not have a state issued handicap permit or license. 

Individuals who have a state issued handicap permit should provide a copy to the Parking Services office after which an annual handicap permit will be issued for as long as the state permit is active.

University affiliated persons must purchase and display a valid Tulane parking permit.  A state issued permit alone is not valid.

Although Parking Services strives to provide adequate disabled parking in every area of campus, individuals are encouraged to contact us if your needs are not being met.  We will provide any assistance possible to meet your needs including allocation of additional spaces, more enforcement, etc.


Where Can Faculty and Staff Park

Please see the campus map for all parking options.     


Game Day Parking

In order to accommodate home football game day parking, all campus parking spaces are turned over to game day operations and faculty and staff permits are not valid.  Each week before a home football game, you will receive at least two emails and signage will be placed in the garage and around campus as reminders.  Failure to comply will result in your vehicle being cited and possibly towed. 

Parking on Move-in Day

Move-in is a very special time at Tulane when we are welcoming our new students.  To ensure that we can accommodate unloading zones as well as parking for our new students and their families, all others are asked to park off campus that day.  Information is sent out prior to move-in with any available parking options. 


Park if you forgot your permit

Come to the Parking Services office to purchase a one day parking permit if you have forgotten your pass.

Hosting Visitors / Guests

Faculty and staff who are scheduling meetings involving off-campus guests should call the Parking Services office well before the meeting date to obtain and mail permits and parking instructions.  Visitors should arrive on campus with a parking permit, directions to a convenient parking area, and information about parking.  You may purchase permits for your guests via IT or visitors can be directed to our online permit site to purchase guest permits.  Your visitor will be able to print the permit before arriving to campus.  Please contact Parking Services with any questions. 504-865-5424  Parking Services wants to help you ensure that everyone has a good experience when arriving and leaving campus. 



Towing Policy

Tulane is authorized to remove to a storage area any vehicle illegally parked. The cost of any such removal is $100.


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