Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can visitors park?

Answer:   Metered parking is available throughout the campus. Times vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the meter.  The times available are visible on the meter. If a visitor parks at a meter, they must pay the meter to park in that spot.If you will be visiting campus for longer than 2 hours, you can purchase a day parking permit for $5.00  Day passes may be purchased online and printed and displayed on your dashboard while parking on campus.  Day passes may also be purchased in the Parking Services Office located on the 1st floor of the Diboll Complex. 

Question: Are visitors' parking passes free?

Answer:   Parents of enrolled Tulane students may receive a free daily permit by visiting the Parking office.  All other visitors will be charged $5.00 per day.

: Can freshmen purchase permits?

Answer: Resident freshmen may not purchase parking permits nor may they park on campus.

Can I move my permit from car to car?

Answer: Yes, the parking permits are designed to be transferable between cars. Call or stop by  the Parking Office to register any vehicles you may drive onto campus.

: What if I arrive on campus and realize I have forgotten my permit in another car?

Answer: Visit the Parking Office and the staff will issue you a temporary permit for the day.

What do I do if I lost my permit?

Answer: Report the lost permit to the  parking office immediately. You will need to complete a Lost Permit Report and the parking staff will issue you another parking permit for a nominal fee. If the permit is found, return the permit to the Parking office and the fee will be reimbursed

What if I have a rental car?

Answer: Anyone driving a rental vehicle may move the hanging tag from the registered vehicle to the rental vehicle.

: Why do you sell more permits than there are spaces?

Answer: When you purchase a parking permit you are not guaranteed a space. Permits are sold to accommodate the various class schedules of faculty and students.  Also, by selling more permits than spaces we are able to keep the cost of the permits down. (Note: Resident freshmen do not qualify for the permit program.)

: Do I have to notify the Parking Office, if I change vehicles or license plates?

Answer: Yes. It is to your advantage to notify the Parking Office of any vehicle change to protect you from being held responsible for tickets on a car you no longer own.  Also, the Parking Office will be able to match your vehicle to your permit enabling us to identify the owner of the vehicle if the need should arise.

Why is parking so expensive?

Answer: Tulane University is land-locked in an urban setting.  Due to its location, the availability of areas to create parking spaces and/or structures is limited. Parking is comparable to other universities in similar situations.

: Why are violation fines so high?

Answer: Parking fines are meant to act as a deterrent from risking a parking ticket and/or being booted. 

: Why is enforcement inconsistent?

Answer: Everyone is expected to follow the Parking rules and regulations of the university; however, our parking operators cannot be in every location at the same time.  Tickets are issued as violations are observed. 

: What should I do when "There's somebody in my reserved space"?

Answer: Contact the Parking Office at 865-5424.  Please provide the Parking Office with as much information about the vehicle as possible (make, model, color, license plate).  The vehicle will be ticketed and/or booted. Do not park in someone else's reserved space. This exacerbates the problem and could possibly result in your car being ticketed and/or booted.

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