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1430 Tulane Avenue : Two laptops were reported stolen from an unlocked unoccupied first floor room between 5pm and 11 pm on Lundi Gras Monday 2/15/2010.

J.B.J. Building : Two laptops were reported stolen from unlocked unoccupied fourth floor rooms on Thursday 2/18/2010. One was taken when the owner stepped away from the open office briefly between 4 pm and 4:30 pm; the other went missing from a backpack that had been left unsecured all day from 8 am until after 5 pm.

In each of these cases the missing items were left unsecured in open or unlocked unoccupied offices, and people studying or working in the areas at the time did not observe any suspicious persons or activity. Additionally, while officers were searching for the missing items they observed numerous unsecured portable items of value left unattended in work cubicles and open unoccupied offices.

Please do not leave any portable items of value unsecured while at work. Please secure your personal and University property under lock and key in your workspace, and always lock your office door whenever you leave your office regardless of how briefly you will be away. If you observe any suspicious persons, activity or individuals not wearing ID cards in restricted buildings or areas – please inform TUHSC police at extension number 55555 as soon as possible.

Please report all incidents or suspicious activity as soon as safety permits. Remember to travel in numbers whenever possible, utilize crosswalks, park in well lit and populated areas, and to use the TUHSC Police 24-hours Safety Escort Services. Stop at the lobby post or call 504-988-5531 for information and safety brochures. In case of EMERGENCY call 988-5555 or 55555 if on campus.

Please report all incidents or suspicious activity as soon as safety permits.




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