August 1, 2013

Dear Tulanians,

The start of the academic year is a good time to introduce our safety programs to new students and review them for the entire Tulane community. Safety begins with each individual and it is important everyone be aware of the helpful security programs offered by the university. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these programs and use them appropriately. The Tulane Police Department website has additional information. I urge you to contact us should you have any further questions or need assistance.


SafeRide is a night-time shuttle to transport students to and from their residence, campus or businesses in the uptown area. If you are going out at night in a group, be sure to have transportation alternatives in the event you become separated. Never walk home alone. Take advantage of SafeRide 504-314-SAFE (7233) if you are on its route.

Rave Guardian - Be sure and sign up for our campus-wide virtual safety escort program for Tulane students, faculty and staff that will alert TUPD should you fail to arrive at your destination on time. It is as simple as placing a call from your mobile phone. Just input information about your destination including the time you expect to arrive. Upon arrival, deactivate the service. Otherwise, an alarm will notify TUPD, which will follow up with a phone call.

If you would prefer a personal escort, the Tulane Police Department will provide one upon request within 1 mile of campus. Call (504) 865-5381 and request a safety escort.

ALERTUS - For those instances when you are not in possession of your cell phone, such as in class or in the library, the ALERTUS system can still communicate university emergency notices onto your laptop or tablet. Download the ALERTUS software and it will capture the screen whenever an emergency text notification is issued.

Property Registration
lockBicycles - Officers will be visiting the residence halls after move-in day to register bicycles. Registration helps us locate the registered owner in the event of possible theft or other incident. Use a solid core U-bolt lock to secure your bike to a bike rack. TUPD has installed a GPS tracking device on a select number of bicycles that we will lock at racks across our campuses to bait thieves. It has been very successful, but it does not alleviate the need to lock your bike at all times.

Laptops and tablets - We highly recommend you download a GPS tracking program such as Lojack onto your cell phone, laptops and tablets in the event they are lost or stolen.

I look forward to meeting all of you this semester. I speak frequently to campus organizations and spend a lot of time on campus with my officers. I will be writing you occasionally during the semester. Until then, enjoy your college experience and please make it a safe one.

Supt. Jon Barnwell

Uptown Campus
6823 St. Charles Avenue
Diboll Complex
New Orleans, LA 70118
Emergency: (504) 865-5911
Non-Emergency: (504) 865-5381
Downtown Campus
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112
Emergency: (504) 988-5555
Non-Emergency: (504) 988-5531

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