Barbara Greenbaum House

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The Barbara Greenbaum House, located on the uptown campus of Tulane University, is an approximately 80,000 square foot residential hall, with a four story wing stepping back to a six story wing. It houses 256 students in 144 rooms organized on the upper floors in clusters of single and double occupancy suites. It also contains apartments for a Faculty-member-in-residence and a House Director at the raised first floor level. Significant features include a living room and commons, demonstration kitchen, 35-seat classroom, social and study lounges and an entry lobby off of the entry courtyard.

The new Residence Hall includes a large, raised, quad-facing courtyard with seating planters that accommodate trees and other landscape material. The existing live oak trees on the Zimple Quad and the McWilliams walk were carefully preserved during construction. The design of the building is tracking a minimum of LEED Silver.

In 1912 James Gamble Rogers’ Newcomb campus plan set the parameters and residential use for the site anchoring the corner of campus at Zimple and Broadway.  The new residence hall will successfully integrate the planning principles, architectural proportions and materials of the historic Newcomb Campus while speaking in a “modern architectural voice.”  The articulated brick exterior elevations will provide self-shading for openings to decrease heat gain, while also referencing the articulated brick exteriors of JL House and Newcomb Hall.  Barbara Greenbaum House now creates a strong architectural anchor to the campus on Broadway.

LEED Information


Sustainable Highlight: The project's footprint was careful to minimize disruption to the existing site, preserving as much of the "natural" surroundings as possible.

Project Information

  • Located at the intersection of Zimple Street and Broadway Street
  • Approx. 80,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Rooms to accommodate 256 students in single and double occupancy suites.
  • New social spaces including several student lounges for social gatherings and quiet studying, a living room and a main commons lounge.
  • A 35 seat classroom, Faculty-In-Residence apartment and quiet courtyard.

Project Teams

Planning Team

Amber Beezley – Planner, Office of the University Architect and Campus Planning (now University Planning Office)

Architecture Research Office – Planning Consultant

Design Team

Mihnea Dobre – Staff Architect, Design Services

Architecture Research Office – Architect
Waggonner and Ball Architects - Architect
Schrenk, Endom & Flanagan - Structural & Civil Engineer
Huseman & Associates - MEP/FP Engineer
Threshold Acoustics, LLC - Acoustics Consultant
Tillotson Design Associates - Lighting Designer
Towers Golde - Landscape Architect

Construction Team

Robert Leard – Project Manager, Construction Services

The Lemoine Company – General Contractor