Howard - Tilton Memorial Library Project

On August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, the main library, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, sustained a total loss of their mechanical and electrical systems and a number of valuable collections and equipment located in the basement. The library also sustained damage from a number of broken windows. At the same time, the basement of the JM Jones Hall sustained flood damage in the basement cause the loss of more valuable collections. Working with FEMA, a design was agreed upon that would allow the university to construct two (2) additional floors to the main library to house the mechanical/electrical equipment, and collections from the basements of both HTML and Jones Hall. This plan will serve to mitigate any future damage from a storm of this nature to the university’s valuable collections. Along with the two (2) new floors, the library will be fully sprinkled, this greatly improves the safety of students, faculty, and staff in the library; completely rebuilt and upgraded elevator system; energy enhancements that will improve the efficiency of the library’s environmental systems. The new spaces on the 5th and 6th floors will allow the university to implement a variety of new storage systems to allow the areas to better use available space and also improve access to a larger variety of the collections to the students, faculty and staff. The newly constructed floors will have a more open feel with the open reading area by a new atrium and the spacious multimedia area and classrooms on the 6th floor. Movable shelving will allow easier access to more stack areas on a single floor.

Project Information

Project Teams

Design Team
Eskew-Dumez-Ripple - Architect
Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch - Mechanical/Electrical

Construction Team
Mark Leblanc - Construction Manager. Construction Services

Brice Building Company