Faculty & Postdoctoral Fellow Hiring Process


In Fall 2014, Tulane University began using Interfolio for faculty and postdoctoral fellow searches as a means to solicit electronic applicants and to move away from processes previously conducted through the use of paper.  To aid academic departments, the Provost's Office developed some "how-to" guides to provide step-by-step instructions for using Interfolio as well as how to integrate the Interfolio process with the HR/Payroll system (HCM) process.

Below are several documents which should provide clarity on merging the two processes, as well as the aforementioned "how-to" guides, including:

  • a flow chart that describes each step of the hiring process and which steps take place inside HCM and which take place outside HCM;
  • a guide to creating faculty vacancies in HCM;
  • a guide for updating faculty vacancies in HCM;
  • a guide for creating an offer in HCM;
  • a guide for updating an offer in HCM;
  • a guide for the candidate to create a profile in HCM;
  • a guide for adding a candidate to a vacancy in HCM;
  • a guide for creating and editing a faculty posting in Interfolio; and
  • a guide for search committees for effectively utilizing Interfolio to evaluate candidates.

We anticipate adding more or revising existing guidance documents in the future. Notice will be sent out as necessary to the Academic Department Administrators listserve (academicdeptadmin-l).  To be added to the listserve, please contact Alysia Loshbaugh (

Guidance Documents for Faculty Hiring

Flow Chart for Faculty Hiring Process (updated 06.18.15)

Interfolio Guides (also applicable for postdoctoral fellows)

All documents last updated 11.11.16

Creating/Editing a Position in Interfolio
Search Committee Guide to Using Interfolio to Evaluate Candidates
Closing Out Filled Positions and Archiving

To request Interfolio access above the level of evaluator, click here. (New!!)


HCM Guides

HCM Guide to Creating a Faculty Vacancy
HCM Guide to Updating a Faculty Vacancy
Creating a Profile in HCM (for external candidates)
Adding a Candidate to Vacancy (must be done prior to creating the offer)
HCM Guide to Creating an Offer
HCM Guide to Updating an Offer


Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellow Posting Template
January 15, 2015
No longer required, as this is now incorporated into the "Creating a Vacancy" process.  However, individual schools may wish to continue using this form internally in searches conducted through Interfolio.  It is essential to use the text below in the "How to Apply" portion of the HCM vacancy, utilizing the unique link generated by Interfolio for the job posting. 

All applicants should apply electronically via the following link: __________________________.
Materials submitted through this Tulane Jobs portal will not be considered.

In the blank, insert the link to the ad on Interfolio's website.

Faculty Appointment Details Form ("FAD")
August 6, 2013
Departments hiring new faculty are required to complete the above FAD form.  The completed FAD should be uploaded in HCM at the time the hiring manager wants to "Create an Offer" in the system.  The FAD, along with the candidate's CV, should be included in the "Create an Offer" stage, which will then route to the Provost's Office for approval.

Other Information

Faculty Title Matrix - Regular and Special Titles
August 23, 2011
Matrices explains which schools/units are allowed to hire which kind of faculty, as per the Faculty Handbook.  In addition, the matrices show which faculty titles are available to which units..


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