Headcount Stabilization Exemption Request

NOTE-- The School of Liberal Arts uses a different Headcount Exemption Request form, located here:

All other schools should use the form below.


If appropriate

Select only one.
If this is a replacement position, please indicate the name of the person that recently vacated the position.

If this is a replacement position, please indicate the Position Control Number.

List the Employee Number of the person budgeted in the vacated position (if applicable.) If the position was already vacant, list the placeholder Employee Number (starts with an '8').

For new positions, list a salary range. For replacement positions, list the budgeted salary.

Please check all that apply.
If there will be a mixture of different types of funding, or if you selected 'Other,' please explain.

Please provide a justification for the creation of a new position or filling a vacant position.


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