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Scholarly and Artistic Engagement Projects 2006-07




List of Projects and Abstracts for 2006-2007 Academic Year





Prof. Carol Reese (Architecture) and Alison Popper "Project New Orleans"



Prof. Nghana Lewis (English and African & African Diaspora Studies) and Bradley Watson "Is (Young Black) America Slowly Dying?  An Empircal Analysis of the Interstices between Hip Hop Culture and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the Development of Interventionist Models for Filling the Gaps"

Prof. N. Frank Ukadike (Communication) "Nollywood's Wondrous Worlds:  Myths, Realities, Formulas and Contemporary Nigerian Cinema"

Prof. Mauro Porto (Communication) and Juliana Littlejohn "Mediated Democracy:  Television and Politics in Brazil (1985-2006)"

Prof. Michael Kuczynski (English) and Catherine Fox, Anna Minkinow, Lauren Ulf and Derek Wagner "Religious Lyrics"

Prof. Thomas Albrecht (English) and Megan Miquele Haissig "Selected Writings of Sarah Kofman"


Fine Arts

Prof. Barbara Jazwinski (Music) and Michael Paszamant and Yuching Chi


Social Sciences

Prof. Jonathan Pritchett (Economics) and Kevin Lander "When to Care:  The Economic Rationale of Slavery Health Care Provisions"

Prof. Brian Brox (Political Science) and Laura Lightbody and Rachel Applestein


Life Sciences

Prof. Laura Schrader (Cell and Molecular Biology), Claire Stelly and Sarah Atkinson

Prof. Laura Schrader (Cell and Molecular Biology), Chantelle Ferland and Nicole Thieler

Prof. Terry Christenson (Psychology) and Jessica Wood

Profs. Ricardo Cortez (Mathematics) and Aline Scandurro (Microbiology) and Donnia L. Rebello "Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells:  An Experimental and Mathematical Look at Cell Migration"


Physical Sciences

Prof. Igor V. Rubtsov (Chemistry) and Michael Halstead

Prof. Henry Ashbaugh (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Harold Hatch "Templating of Stable/Unstable Protein Structures"

Prof. W. Godbey (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Daniel Balazs "Creating a Novel Gene Delivery Device with the Use of Animated Ribose"

Prof. W. Godbey (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Whitney Stoppel "The Creation of a Light-Responsive Cell"

Prof. Sheila Tejada (Computer Science) and Patrick Donald O'Hara


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