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scholarly engagement projects 2008-09



List of Projects and Abstracts for 2008-2009 Academic Year



Prof. Jean Dangler (Spanish and Portuguese) and Jonathan S. Kim "Crossing into Iberia"

Prof. Elisabeth McMahon (History) and Terre Pring "Quakers' Sacred Book"

Prof. Vicki Mayer (Communication) and Tanya Goldman "Lights, Camera and Cash:  Inside Louisiana's Film Tax Incentive Program"

Prof. Joel Dinerstein (English) and Katherine Voelker "The Post-Human Discourse and Technological Utopianism"

Prof. Thomas Albrecht (English) and Brett A. Long "The Medusa Effect: Representations of Horror in Psychoanalysis and Victorian Aesthetics"


Fine Arts

Prof. John Allen (Theatre and Dance) and Donna Crump and Amanda Burr "Dance for Camera"

Prof. Jeremy Jernegan (Art) and Kate Keelen "Dry Glazes"


Life Sciences and Engineering

Prof. Daniel Bausch (Public Health and Tropical Medicine) and Amy Servas "Ecological Niche Modeling for Lassa Fever"

Prof. Brad Rosenheim (Earth and Environmental Science) and Johanna Nevitt "Deciphering Depositional Environments Through Carbon Isotope Measurements of Coastal Sediments"

Prof. Lisa Molix (Psychology) and Caitlin Ward "Predicting well-being among New Orleans citizens: Community esteem and empowerment"'

Prof. Laura Schrader (Cell and Molecular Biology) and Emily Evans "Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of the Chronic Response to Stress"

Prof. Peter Cserjesi (Cell and Molecular Biology) and Jason Ohlstein "Identification of the Human Dopamine β-Hydroxylase Sympathetic Nervous System Enhancer"

Prof. Michael Blum (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Mathew Quattrocelli "Population Genetic Structure and Philopatry in Migratory Suckers"

Prof. Benjamin Hall (Cell and Molecular Biology) and Shelly Gurwara "The Link Between NMDAR Signaling and SynGAP Gunction"

Prof. Donald Phinney (Gene Therapy) and Adam Solomon "Mechanisms Regulating Mesenchymal Stem Cell Survival and Migration in the Central Nervous System"

Prof. Zongbing You (Structural and Cellular Biology) and Alexander Drake "The Role of Doublecortin on Motility of Articular Chondrocytes"


Physical and Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Prof. Jim Donahue (Chemistry) and Stephen J. Capone "Improved Syntheses of Group(VIII) Metal Bis(dithiolene) Complexes"


Social Sciences

Prof. Raymond Taras (Political Science) and Xingzhou Liu "Islamophobic Attitudes in Europe: Survey Data and Interpretation of Results"

Prof. Grant McCall (Anthropology) and Sallie Phelps "A Morellian Analysis of Later Stone Age Rock Paintings from the Hungorob"

Prof. Aaron Schneider (Political Science) and Jennifer Boone and Teddy Nathan"Latino Workers and Human Rights in New Orleans: Follow-up and Research"

Prof. Gary Remer (Political Science) and Christian Langehenke, Lindsay Condit, and Frederic Augonnet "Ethics and the Orator: Political Morality and the Ciceronian Rhetorical Tradition"

Prof. Dana Zartner (Political Science) and Alex Lujan and Darylen Terry "The Role of Amicus Briefs in Judicial Decision-making"

Prof. Kit Nelson (Anthropology) and Dawn Lucas "Chancay Occupation of the Central Coast"


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