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New Orleans Partner Opportunities Program


Scholarly and Artistic Engagement Reimbursement Guidelines


All award funds are made available only on a reimbursement basis to the academic departments. The committee developed the following guidelines in approving budgets, which you are requested to follow:

  • Student salaries were approved at a uniform rate of $7/hr. You are free to utilize additional resources to increase student pay; however, you will be reimbursed for student pay only at the approved rate. Signed time sheets are required for reimbursement of student labor.
  • Students performing work through Independent Study or Honors coursework should not be paid for their efforts.
  • Laptop computers for field work are reimbursable only up to a level of $1,300, if explicitly approved. See last bullet for further details.
  • No funds may be used for conference travel, even by students, unless explicitly specified. Funds are available for student conference travel through the Student Activities office.
  • All equipment purchased through this program becomes property of Tulane University, under the supervision of the faculty advisor.
  • Equipment, including computers, must be purchased using either a requisition or a university-approved P-card, not personal credit cards.

If you have specific questions about revisions to your budget, and which items were not allowed, please feel free to contact Brian Mitchell (, 314-2818).

You must submit requests for reimbursement of approved budget items to the Provost’s Office. We realize that this is an additional burden on the investigator (as opposed to providing you with a lump sum award); however, in this way, the Provost’s Office will be able to utilize unexpended funds for future projects. If you are unable to utilize another account for the initial expenditure – e.g., a departmental account – please contact Alysia Loshbaugh (, 862-8209) for further information.



Reimbursement Procedures

Submit a Transfer of Funds form, completed with your departmental information (account number to be credited, etc.) to Alysia Loshbaugh in the Provost's Office (, 862-8209.)

Attach copies of receipts for all expenditures. For student research assistants, attach copies of approved student timesheets. Students must be hired by the department and payroll must come from a departmental account. The Provost's Office is not responsible for hiring or paying student research assistants.


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