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Classroom ReservationsTo submit your reservation request, please fill out this form. Please allow at least 48 hours for an e-mail response. In case of an emergency, contact Leslie Bayonne can be reached at 504.988.5388.

NOTE: Room requests are only for space reservations. If space is available for your event, you will to coordinate necessary catering, clean-up, security, rentals and/or telecommunications support. ITs will need to be provided to the school to ensure you have handled these matters. Please see additional information on how to book these services.

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I understand that this check for availability is not confirmation of room booking. I will be contacted regarding availability.

I understand that booking space only reserves rooms. I will make separate arrangement for necessary catering, clean-up, security, a/v rental, and/or telecommunications. I understand that furniture is not to be removed or rearranged.


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