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Undergraduate PHS

Admission to the Combined Degree Program

The BSPH/MPH Combined Degree Program is a path for continuous study from the bachelor’s degree through a master’s level professional degree at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM). The Combined Degree leads to a master in public health (MPH), a master of science in public health (MSPH), or a master of health administration (MHA). The Combined Degree is an opportunity for public health majors to begin graduate study in their senior year; students may take up to 12 graduate credits in public health core courses that may be applied to both the BSPH and the MPH, MSPH, or MHA degrees. Learn more about degree options.

Students must apply to and be accepted into the combined degree program for the 12 credits in the core courses to count toward both degrees. Students must graduate from the BSPH program to continue in the MPH, MSPH, or MHA program beyond the 12 credits of core courses. Once students have been accepted into the Combined Degree Program, they should meet with their graduate advisor early in their senior year to plan study that will incorporate the goals and competencies of the MPH, MSPH, or MHA program they intend to pursue.

The Combined Degree Program is only for students who meet the application deadlines based on their expected graduation date, are accepted, and continue directly from the BSPH program into the master’s degree program. Students who take time off between degrees are not eligible for the Combined Degree. Students may return to the master’s degree program at a later time, but cannot apply graduate credit earned in the BSPH program for an MPH/MSPH/MHA program started at a later time.


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Apply to Combined Degree Program

When to Apply

Students should use the tables provided to determine when to apply to the BSPH/MPH or MSPH program and the BSPH/MHA program. The timelines allow students to be accepted into the program and begin graduate coursework by the first semester of their senior year while completing any remaining requirements for the BSPH degree. Note that there are different timelines for the combined BSPH/MPH or MSPH program and the combined BSPH/MHA program. It is critical that students follow the application timelines for the Combined Degree Program. See degree-specific information below.

Please consider anticipated graduation date and also any off-campus junior year experiences in planning your application process or taking the GRE. Students who received advanced placement credit when they entered Tulane should monitor their status as to when they are designated as seniors.  Those with advanced placement credits may reach senior status earlier than their chronological time at Tulane and graduate a semester early.


Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in the Tulane BSPH program (public health majors);
  • Have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0; and
  • Score in the upper percentiles of the GRE exam.


Apply to Combined Degree ProgramTulane SPHTM uses a single page application. This allows for quicker acceptance decisions and fewer requirements to be met. In addition to the application form, the requirements application consists of:

  • A personal statement of interest in program of choice and related career goals
  • GRE or MCAT scores (GMAT scores are acceptable for management concentrations in the Department of Global Health Systems and Development). The application process cannot be completed until the official scores are received.
  • Resume
  • Upon completion of this application form, we shall retrieve your transcript from the registrar and a $75.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged to your Tulane account.

Please contact the SPHTM Office of Admissions for any questions you may have.

Refer to the BSPH FAQs for answers to common questions about the Combined Degree.


Application-TimelineStudents who are admitted to the combined degree program begin graduate during their senior year then continue on to full-time graduate study following award of the BSPH degree. Full-time graduate study in the combined degree program may begin in either the fall or spring semester which accommodates those who graduate in either May or December. Refer to the table for the BSPH/MPH (or MSPH) Application Timeline. 

The MPH and MSPH degrees require 42 - 45 credits (depending on the program) plus a practicum and a culminating experience. There is no waiver of requirements for Combined Degree students. Combined Degree students may take four of the six graduate core courses during their senior year, for a total of 12 credits that may be applied to both the BSPH and the MPH/MSPH. Students are eligible to attempt to test our of several of these classes and proceed to the next class in sequence, as noted below. Combined Degree students select four of the following courses:

  • BIOS   6030 – Introductory Biostatistics (3 credits) - or BIOS 6040 Intermediate Biostatistics
  • EPID   6030 – Epidemiological Methods (3 credits)
  • GCHB 6030 – Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3 credits)
  • GEHS 6030 – Survey of Environmental Health (3 credits) - or GEHS 6610 Toxicology
  • GHSD 6030 – Introduction to Health Systems, Management and Policy (3 credits)
  • TRMD 6010 – Biological Basis of Disease (3 credits) - or other core class if testing out

Accepted Combined Degree students should meet with their faculty advisor early in their senior year to plan study that will incorporate the goals and competencies of the MPH or MSPH program they intend to pursue. Please note that accepted Combined Degree students must complete all requirements for the BSPH and graduate from the BSPH program.

The MPH/MSPH portion of the combined degree may be completed in approximately 1½- 2 years after graduation from the undergraduate BSPH. An MPH or MSPH degree typically takes 2 to 2½ years to complete, so the Combined Degree provides a time savings of approximately one (1) semester. Actual completion time may vary depending on the number of credits students complete per semester and the time to complete the practicum and culminating experience.



The MHA program consists of a single program and students complete the MHA along with other students in their cohort over two years including the administrative residency. As a result, Combined Degree students may only begin the MHA program in the fall semester.

Students who are admitted to the BSPH/MHA Combined Degree begin taking graduate elective coursework while completing their undergraduate degree. The MHA program requires a minimum of 60 graduate credits plus a 950-hour administrative residency. There is no waiver of requirements for Combined Degree students. Students are eligible to attempt to test out of several of these classes and proceed to the next class in sequence, as noted below. BSPH/MHA Combined Degree students may apply up to 12 credits from the following courses:

   Fall Semester

Spring Semester (choose 2)

   BIOS 6030 Intro Biostatistics - or BIOS 6040

GHSD 6360 Human Resource Management


   GHSD 6050 Health Systems Concepts

GHSD 6210 Health Law & Regulation


GHSD 6780 Information Systems


GHSD 6710 Quantitative Decision Models


GHSD 6170 Quality Management in Health Care

Learn more about the MHA Program.

Questions about the master’s programs in public health should be directed to the school’s Office of Admissions at 504-988-5399 or via e-mail at You can also get department-specific information by visiting our department contacts.

As always, talk to your Undergraduate Public Health Studies Program Manager if you have any questions at (504) 865-5140.


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