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Undergraduate PHS

Don't Take Our Word for It

The public health major has grown exponentially since it was first offered at Tulane, from a handful of students the first year to approximately 400 students for the 2013-14 academic year!  Our students are active on campus and in the community - and are gaining attention.


Kamya Raja

B.S. Public Health Candidate, 2014

Kamya Raja, Fremont, CA

“Health and the human body have always been key interests of mine, but I’ve always been the type
to look at “the big picture.” After experiencing kidney disease and a kidney transplant within my own
family, I started volunteering with the National Kidney Foundation and gradually became aware of
the importance of health information and disease prevention at a societal level.”

“Tulane’s undergraduate program in public health, among other student opportunities, have given
me the chance to explore the interdisciplinary aspects of public health with courses such as
Extreme Environments and Ethics of Public Health Policy & Practice. Ultimately, this program has
guided me towards my current plans for a future in health policy. I’ve especially enjoyed my
service-learning work with organizations such as the New Orleans Green Project, a reuse and
recycling warehouse. My experience there helped me understand the aspects of environmental
health that I had never before considered.”

“I look forward to staying at Tulane to complete my MPH through the combined BSPH/MPH program,
concentrating in health systems management and policy. Overall, coming to Tulane, and of course
to New Orleans, was quite a change from California, but it was a change that has undoubtedly
helped me flourish personally, gain a new perspective and experience unique practices, all
preparing me for my future career in public health.”  

Kamya is doing an honors thesis with Dr. Elisabeth Gleckler and will graduate magna cum laude in
the spring of 2014.



Victoria Novak participated in the inaugural Public Health Summer Institute offered by the BSPH
program, on the topic of Farm to Table. "I started out not really knowing about nutrition and honestly
thought counting calories was annoying," she said. The institute changed her outlook. "It was
interesting to learn what  healthy food really means." The 4-week summer course included field trips
to an oyster processing facility, local markets, and a backyard beehive. In the photo above,
Novak (left) spin hive frames.
(Photo by Elisabeth Gleckler)


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