Distance Learning

All courses offered Fall 2013

70 is the section number for all Distance Learning Classes (for online). All Fall 2013 classes offer via distance learning are listed below. Please refer to your individual program pages for program specific recommendations. Many of our courses were renumbered i.e. ENHS 6030 is now GEHS 6030. DO NOT inadvertently register for a class you have already taken because the 4 letter prefix has changed, compare the titles. If you are unsure please contact Erica Geary at

IH = MSPH Industrial Hygiene,  OHSM = MPH Occupational Health & Safety Management,  OEH = MPH Occupational Environmental Health, DM = MPH Disaster Management, IH-C = Industrial Hygiene Certificate, DM-C = Disaster Management Certificate


GCHB 6030-70 (formerly SPHL6010)

Soc & Beh Aspects of Global Health

CRN: 77761


TRMD 6010-70

Biological Basis of Disease

CRN: 77762


GEHS 6910-70

Environmental Aspects of Disaster Response

CRN: 77767


GEHS 7240-70

Applying Systems Thinking to EH&S

CRN: 77765


GEHS 7110-70

Industrial Ventilation and Hazard Control

CRN: 77766


EPID 6030-70

Epidemiologic Methods I

CRN: 77760


GEHS 6540-70

Principles of Occupational Health

CRN: 77764


GEHS 6600-70 (formerly ENHS6600)

Principles of Toxicology

CRN: 77763


GEHS 6950-70

Psychosocial Aspects Disasters

CRN: 77768


SPHL 7950-03

SPHL 7950-70

Culminating Experience (Exam)

Culminating Experience (Public Health Analysis Paper/Thesis)

CRN: 77640

CRN: 77769

check calendar
for exam dates

SPHL 9980-70


CRN: 77688





If you are in the last semester of your degree program remember to register for GRADUATION by contacting Erica Geary at The deadline for this is within two weeks of the start of the semester.

In order to graduate you will need to meet the course and credit hour requirements and have completed:

  • Culminating Experience
  • Practicum (or have an approved waiver of practicum)
  • IH Comprehensive Exam (applies only to MSPH in IH Students

Please e-mail Dr. James for information on the Culminating Experience and Practicum process.

Industrial Hygiene Students should contact Dr. Rando for Culminating Experience Project



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Distance Learning classes will not show up in a Gibson catalogue search. In order to register for the section 70 (distance learning classes) you must use the CRN (course registration number) provided and use the ADD/DROP function. Once added this way the classes will show up (reveal themselves) in Gibson.


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