DL New Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Global Environmental Health Sciences Department and the Center for the Applied Environmental Public Health (CAEPH) Distance Learning Program.

To prepare for the program, you will need to familiarize yourself with the following listed items:

  1. Tulane Account information/username and password
  2. Registration (Gibson)
  3. Blackboard/Canvas (myTulane)
  4. Online Classroom (Adobe Connect)
  5. Tulane Email Account (Wavemail)
  6. Additional Resources
  7. Contact Information

1. Tulane Technology Account

To register for classes, you are required to have your student credentials (username and password). This information will be issued to you upon receipt of the "Confirmation of Enrollment" and "Code of Academic Conduct" forms included in your offer package. After you have completed the form(s), return it to or fax 504.988.7352 Attention: Erica B. Geary. Your credentials will be sent to the  email account provided in your SOPHAS application. Before you begin using your account, please visit: to activate your profile. Password management is conducted from the P-Sync page. Additionally, should you forget your password, you may access your account using the security questions provided.

2. Registration

A list of current courses offered may be found at the "Registration Review" link on the Distance Learning homepage.

Click on your program to view recommended courses. Once you have located and selected a course (e.g. GHSD6003-70 Note: -70 indicates distance learning courses), write down the CRN# (e.g. CRN# 21043). Next, click the "Register Now" button on the page where you found your class. You will be directed to log in to the Gibson portal, where you can register and manage your Tulane accounts.

3. Blackboard/Canvas

After you register, your classes will appear in Blackboard/Canvas within 24-72 hours. Access Blackboard/Canvas at and/or from the corresponding link on the Distance Learning homepage. All course materials will be stored within Blackboard/Canvas (PowerPoint presentations, recordings, syllabi, etc.). You may contact instructors and students via the email feature of Blackboard/Canvas. Most online testing will be accessed via the Blackboard.

4. Online Classroom (Adobe Connect)

For entry into your classroom, please visit: (Distance Learning homepage) and select the "student-login" option. You may need to run the Browser Compatibility Test to ensure your browser has Adobe Flash and all components are available for the classroom to load. The link for the Adobe browser test is Once you log in and see your classes listed, click the "OPEN" tab to enter the desired classroom. The week before classes begin, we offer a mock class to help students become familiar with the software. Once you enter the class, run the audio wizard from the "meeting" tab at top to set audio levels.

5. Wavemail

To check your Tulane e-mail, go to the email link on the Distance Learning homepage or from any computer. Use your Tulane Technology Account credentials to log in. Your Tulane e-mail address is You may opt to configure your email account using a mobile device. For specific information and instructions regarding mobile devices, please visit

Note: Your Tulane e-mail account is the ONLY method used for receiving Tulane related academic and administrative communication (including graduation details and classroom announcements). Stay informed and check your Tulane e-mail regularly.

6. Additional Resources

Library Resources:

You may be required to authenticate your computer when accessing library resources from an off-campus network using the "Off-Campus Login" option. You will use your Technology account to authenticate. For more information regarding library resource access, please visit For assistance with library resources, please contact: 504.988.5155 or

Anti-Virus Software:

Each student must have an active, up-to-date anti-virus software program on his/her computer before connecting to Tulane's network. McAfee Virus Scan is available at no cost to Tulane students. If you need this software, please visit and download the current version.

Register for Wireless Network:

Many laptops and mobile devices are furnished with an internal wireless card. You will need to register the physical (MAC) address for your wireless card with Tulane before the card can be used on our wireless network. To register your MAC address, please visit for instructions and/or register at

Financial Aid:

Students enrolled in the Distance Learning program are eligible for Federal Stafford loans as long as they are enrolled in at least 5 credit hours and/or a Practicum per semester. Students in this program are eligible for funds to pay for their tuition and fees. However, living expenses are not eligible for financial aid. The application procedures required for Distance Learning Students are identical to students who physically attend classes in New Orleans.

Refer to How to Apply for the details for fall and spring aid.

Financial Aid information is available at

Your Financial Aid counselor is assigned based on your last name. To find your adviser, please visit Financial Aid's website.

Students can check the status of their financial aid at

7. Contact Information

Program questions, academic advising or issues, contact Kathy Carneiro at 504.988.1664 or

Application/program questions or registration issues, contact Erica B Geary at 504.988.3786 or

Technical questions (e.g. log on issues, computer problems, Blackboard/Canvas problems), contact or call 1.877.580.3249 during class hours. Follow Distance Learning Technical Support on Twitter (@Tulane_DLTech) for important distance learning related information (e.g. server outages, important dates).


CAEPH, 1440 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-1774